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10 Quick and Easy Indian Recipes When You are Short of Time!

November 24, 2014

easy indian recipes

Easy Indian Recipes? …you would ask!

Most Indian recipes take a lot of time and no wonder why it does so. The amount of time that goes into making the various masalas and the mixtures that are used in most of the Indian recipes makes it imperative that it take so much time. While that doesn’t deter me or, any other Indian in a kitchen to stop experimenting, it is also a challenge to go into the kitchen and make something that is quick and easy – an easy Indian Recipe.

My experiments with cooking, is all based on an attempt to make something that is real quick so that I can spend some quality time with my daughter and at the same time not compromise on tasty food being served to everyone in the family. Some of these experiments turn out to be a disaster (I don’t publish them here.. 🙂 ), some other come out real well and everybody in the family like it and savor it.

Here I am putting together a list of 10 quick and easy indian recipes that I cook very frequently because it saves me a lot of time. So if you are a working woman and you often find yourself running short of time, then one of these might just be the one that you are looking to cook.

10 Easy Indian Recipes

I have tried all of these at home and hence I can say it with assurance that these recipes can be made real quick and wil not take too much of time. You should be able to find these recipes in my blog here. For the ones that are not there, I will soon be publishing them.

Roasted Ghee Banana

roasted ghee banana

This is one of the easiest breakfast and I prefer this on weekdays. The goodness and energy of bananas keeps you energetic and going throughout the day. At the same time, the taste that Ghee adds to the ripe bananas gives it a different flavor which both kids and elders like. The only thing to keep in mind is that it is not a food for people who are running high on Cholesterol or, has high Blood Pressure.

Bread Pizza

bread pizza

I use bread as a substitute to Rotis. While any kind of bread is ok, I normally prefer whole wheat bread because it gives you the required fibres and at the same time is a replacement of the wheat rotis that is otherwise a required for any lunch or, dinner. I make these quick bread Pizzas as snacks but it can also be used for one of the meals. If you garnish the bread with finely cut vegetables, then you have a healthy food for your meals.

Omelette Veggie Delight

Omlette Veggie Delight

Egg is another regular at my home. While the debate on whether egg is a vegetarian food or, a non-veg food continues, it finds favor with the non-vegetarians at my home. Since there is nobody who is a strict vegetarian, the eggetarians also cherish Omelette veggie delight. Simple and easy to cook, it gives you a lot of proteins that you need everyday along with all the other required nutrients as well because of the vegetables that are used.

Potato Sandwich

potato sandwich

Most people at my home steer clear of sandwiches though I am unsure of the reason. But at the same time, potato sandwiches find favor thanks to the nice garlic flavor. These potato sandwiches can be a breakfast or, a dinner recipe. I do not prefer it as a lunch recipe because there is not too much of vegetables that goes into it. And for me, every lunch has to have a good amount of vegetables to prepare you for the rest of the day ahead.

Ven Pongal

ven pongal

I like ven-pongal very much. You can credit it to the fact that it is very similar to the Khichdi that we used to make in my native. Ven pongal has rice and dal and hence is a good option for lunch or, dinner. You will not have to cook rice, dal, a side-dish etc. and can do away with a single preparation. It doesn’t take too much of time and so is one of my favorite easy indian recipes.

Plain Dosa and Gun Powder Dosa

Gun powder dosa

If you are about to ask me how I categorize Dosa as an easy indian recipes, then let me clarify. I always recommend making dosa batter before-hand and keeping it in the refrigerator. The only time consuming part in Dosa is the making of the batter.

If your batter is ready, then making Dosas is probably the easiest breakfast recipe. I also prefer Dosas for lunch and dinner. If you want to avoid making a curry, chutney and sambhar for Dosa, then you can make Gun Powder Dosas because that doesn’t need any of these.

Instant Suji Halwa

suji halwa

Sweet dishes are the most difficult to cook, according to me. But since I have a craving for sweet dishes, I just cannot keep myself away from making these. It is here that my version of Suji Halwa comes to my rescue. While the original version of Suji Halwa takes a lot of time, my version is very easy to cook and at the same time retains its flavor and taste as well.

Instant Wheat Flour Halwa

This is another sweet dish that I prefer making a little too often. I make it in the evenings, mostly after our tea sessions. This is also very easy to cook and takes very little time. If you are looking for a change in taste, then this can do that for you. Serve it after food and you have a nice sweet dish to assist in your digestion (though I still think this is typical Indian Myth)

Paneer ke Pakode

paneer pakoda

Weekend evenings always comes with a demand for some snacks along with tea. And this is the time, I would love to relax as well. But at the same time, I cannot but fulfill my family’s requests. That’s how Paneer ke Pakode became a frequent. In less than 30 minute, I am ready with the snacks and my family loves it as well.

Black Chickpea Stir Fry with Coconut

black chickpea stir fry

A long name with a very short preparation time. This doesn’t really have a particular time to eat. We prefer it as a breakfast or, a snack. But you can choose to have it as a side-dish in your meals as well. Pretty simple and easy to make, the only time taken is in boiling the chick pea. I couldn’t find a better fitting recipe as the parting one to this list of easy indian recipes.

Hope you liked this collection of mine. Do let me know your thoughts by commenting below. If there is a suggestion for any other recipe that fits into the category of easy indian recipes, then write to me and I will include that as well.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends who have a very hectic daily life.


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