Stuffed Paneer Kulcha

stuffed kulcha

Stuffed Paneer Kulcha is an easy and tasty, an Indian breakfast recipe . Kulche is a form of bakery base similar to that of pizza base ,primarily available towards the Northern part of India, especially the punjabi belt. Kulche is used like chapatis in a special punjabi dish called as chole kulche where it is … Read more

Semiya Biryani

semiya biryani

Semiya is a very easily available ingredient and the ready availability of vegetables makes semiya biryani an easy to cook  and nutritious recipe whenever you feel like you don’t want to spend to much time in the kitchen. Ingredients :- Vermicelli/Semiya – 250 gm Ghee -1 tbsp Oil – 1 tbsp Mixed vegetables chopped – … Read more

Banana yoghurt shakes

Ingredients:- Curd-1 cup (chilled) Sugar-3 to 4 tbsp Banana-1 (mashed) Milk-1 cup (chilled) Vanilla-1/2 tsp essence Method:-     Combine all the ingredients and blend  till smooth.     Pour into glasses and serve.

Banana Sandwich

Ingredients :- Bread – 4 Slices Bananas – 2 (sliced into circles) Honey – 5 tbsp Peanut Butter – 4 tbsp Butter – as required for toasting Method:- Take a bowl and slice the bananas into circles and sprinkle the honey over it and toss it properly. Now apply peanut butter on one side of each … Read more

Veggie pizza delight

Ingredients:- Pizza base 12″ Tomato blanch & puree – 6 Garlic minced-  2tsp Mozzarella cheese grated-  1cup Onion minced –  1/2 Pepper sliced- 1/2 each Corn boiled- 1/4 cup Salt- to taste Baby corn blenched sliced- 3 Onion sliced- 1 Pizza seasoning – 3tsp Pepper powder- 1 tsp Butter-  4tbsp Method:- Heat butter in a … Read more

Paneer Bhurji Recipe|how to make paneer bhurji

paneer bhurji

Paneer Bhurji is a dish that is made of Paneer (Cottage Cheese). Bhurji is a term that is normally used for anything that is mashed and powdered. This dish has paneer mashed in it, hence the name “Paneer Bhurji”.
This is a dish that is normally consumed along with breads like Rotis or, parathas, but also goes well with rice.

Chatpati Bhelpuri

Bhelpuri is a Maharashtrian snack and is famous at the Juhu beach in Bombay. It is a quick to make snack and the overall preparation time does not exceed more than 20 minutes. It is a bit spicy. People who stay away from spicy food will not be very keen to taste it.
Its crispiness is what gives it a unique taste and bhelpuri can be enjoyed is the evenings when there is slight drizzle and you crave for a snack along with your evening tea.

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