As the flight touched down at the Kolkata airport and the pilot announced that the weather outside was pleasant (which is very unlike Kolkata), I was already feeling a pleasant

In about a week from now, my daughter’s school will be celebrating their annual day. And unlike my times when a select group of kids would perform on stage, these

It was one of those days in Bangalore, when suddenly the evenings get dark. The Clouds gather and grow dark just like a huge mob waiting to vent out their

You ask an Indian about his thoughts about winter, you are bound to get different thoughts and opinions, thanks to how the winters show up in different parts of India.

This is not just a picture. We all can learn a lot from these Ants. Have you ever heard a story about an ant and an elephant ? Any ways

  A misconception to call you a tree Yet your petals just fill me with glee Sort of shaped like a heart, A true work of art Hanging for everyone

Its a different feeling when you go to one of the villages in India. And that increases manifold when it is your own village. Cosmopolitanism has taken over our lives.

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