Aloo Chop – How to make Aloo chop

Aloo Chop/Alur chop is a very famous evening snacks in Kolkata. This is one of my favorite recipe. Aloo chop is a combination of potato, onion, green chilli. I still remember those days when we all in the family used to have aloo chop along with moori (puffed rice) in the evening along with chai. … Read more


Ingredients: For Vada: 1 Cup Urad daal without skin (black lentils) 1 teaspoon ginger Salt to taste Oil for deep frying Ingredients for Dahi : 4 cups fresh yogurt 1 teaspoon Black Salt (Kala Namak) 1 teaspoon freshly roasted and powdered cumin powder 2 teaspoons sugar Salt and Red chilli powder to taste Finely chopped … Read more

Baingan Baghara (A Brinjal Cuisine)

Baigan bhagara

Ingredients (Serves: 6) 1 Kg: Green Brinjal( sliced into long pieces), If unavailable, you can use the normal small brinjals. Panchforan ( or cumin seeds) – 1/2 tsp 8 clove garlic (chopped) Mustard oil – 6tbsp 2 Bay leaves 2 Dried red chillies Salt to taste Chopped coriander leaves Powdered masala: ½ tsp turmeric 2 … Read more

Tip for the day

tip of the day

A quick solution to gastro problems:

Requirements –
1 tsp of Carom Seeds (Bishop’s weeds), know as ajwain in India
1 glass of luke warm water
1 tsp salt

If you develop a sudden gas in your stomach and start feeling as if your stomach is full, with a throbbing pain at times, just get the above ingredients and follow this procedure. Mix the Carom seeds and salt in a small bowl and empty the contents into your mouth. Do not chew. Just swallow it with the help of the galss of luke warm water.
You will find that you are free of the gastro problem in less than 30 minutes.