Creamy Fruity Sandwich Recipe by My Little Chef

creamy fruity sandwich

Creamy Fruits Sandwich is a healthy sandwich recipe for kids that was specially made by my daughter. You will simply love the kiddish look of this sandwich. Last week when I got to know about the Fireless Cooking Competition, to be held at my daughter’s school, I was a little skeptical, if my little daughter … Read more

Cheese Stuffed Garlic Breadsticks Recipe – Step by Step Video

Cheese stuffed garlic breadsticks

Cheese Stuffed Garlic Breadsticks is sure to remind you of the stuffed garlic breads that you would have eaten at that Domino’s outlet. But the addition of cheese makes it even more mouth watering. I have always been wanting to make garlic bread sticks like that of dominos and pizza hut, at home. You know … Read more

Plain Kachori Recipe – Step by Step Video

Plain Kachori Recipe

Plain Kachori Recipe is an unstuffed version of the famous Kachori’s from the gallis of Delhi, which is a nice tea time snack but can also be used as a breakfast recipe and can be had with pickles, tamarind chutney or, even a simple side-dish Hellooooooo….. readers how are you all doing? I hope things … Read more

How To Make Pizza With Pillsbury Tawa Pizza Base Mix – Step by Step Video

homemade pizza

          In my last post I had spoken about the new member in our family. There was a grand pizza party that was announced by the new father. We all were very excited for the pizza party that night. But what happened then was so annoying. While trying to order pizza we … Read more

“Anybody Can Make Donuts” – Simple Homemade Donuts Recipe


“Anybody Can Make Donuts”! Homemade Donuts Recipe? Not that you would have thought that you cannot. At least in India, making Donuts seems like a daunting task especially because of the time it takes and also the messing around with dough, yeast etc. I still remember the first time I had donuts at one of … Read more

Gur Ka Pua – Sweet Fried Fritters


At times it sounds so funny when you and somebody from the other side of your country are discussing about food and both of you start talking about one of those favorites of yours, only to find out after about 15 minutes of discussion that the two are the same except that they are called … Read more

Garlic Bread Pakora – Garlic Bread Fritters

bread pakoda

It is the monsoons. It is that cusp during the day when the afternoon handshakes with the evening. Heavy rains had just handed over the reigns to a slight drizzle as if to rest for a while. I am sitting in my balcony enjoying the drizzle as I count each drop of rain that falls … Read more