10 Best Foods to Support Your Yoga Practice

food to support yoga practice

“Food affects the mind. For the practice of any kind of Yoga, vegetarianism is absolutely necessary, since it makes the mind more pure and harmonious.” Ramana Maharshi’s words are absolutely relevant and correct in the context of a yogi’s life. While the importance of food is a topic of discussion in each and every walk … Read more

Why Pickling Habit Needs To be a Part of Your Food Plan


Origin and History of Pickling Pickle is a term derived from the dutch word “pekel” meaning “something piquant” which refers to the pickling brine with a sharp taste or appetizing flavor. Looking back at the footprints of history, the custom of pickling was present from the dawn of civilization. Even before refrigeration and canning were … Read more

A Day in the Lap of Nature in Chikmagalur away from the Hustles of the City

te fiti from moana

It wasn’t really a planned trip but it turned out to be a beautiful one.. In fact, I have noticed that such unplanned trips are the ones where we get the most satisfaction and enjoyment from. As for Dilip, planned trips have another drawback. He gets some kind of phobia, an anxiety as the date … Read more

Top 5 Best Rated Air Purifier for Homes

Air Purifier

With the deteriorating quality of air and the many allergic infections arising because of that, the use of an Air Purifier for homes has become inevitable. When choosing an air purifier, you first need to study your indoor air quality requirements. For example, if you suffer from an allergy, you should invest in a device … Read more

Gold out of Scrap – Our Adventure with DIY Projects for Our New Home

DIY projects

What good is a used pickle Bottle? The obvious answer is “nothing”. And that’s what our answer too was, until a month back when we decided on decorating our new home. We shopped around a little but did not find something that fit into our scheme of things. And one evening when we were segregating … Read more

You Will Never Throw Away Used Teabags After Reading This


Throwing away used tea bags is quite normal for everyone. Once the job of the tea bag is done, we assume that it’s of no use to us and the dustbin is the right place for it to be. So, if you are also someone who keeps throwing tea bags, we can assure you that … Read more

Trip to Kolkata – 20 Days of Memories in a City that Forgot to Move

saraswati puja

As the flight touched down at the Kolkata airport and the pilot announced that the weather outside was pleasant (which is very unlike Kolkata), I was already feeling a pleasant warmth in the air. The warmth that you would normally feel when you are lying down with your head in your mom’s lap and your … Read more