Kerala Banana Chips

June 8, 2009

Cooking time:- approx. 30 minutes


  • Raw Kerala Banana – 2 pieces
  • Coconut oil for deep frying or, any other vegetable oil of your choice. If you want to have the smell of Kerala you must use coconut oil.
  • Turmeric powder – 1/4tsp
  • Salt – to taste

Banana chips

Method of preparation:-

  • Peel the banana and slice it into thin round pieces. You can use a slicer or, a knife to slice the banana. Just ensure that the pieces are thin.
  • Heat oil in a kadai and fry the banana pieces.
  • When it is 3/4 done, in a teaspoon of water add turmeric powder and salt and mix it well.
  • Put this paste into the oil and fry again.

Caution:- When you add the mixture of water, turmeric powder and salt to hot oil, the oil will pop with a spluttering sound. Be cautious, lest the hot oil will pop onto your body and you might get burnt. It is advisable to cover the Kadai with a lit when you do this.

Photograph courtesy MBK used under Creatives Common License


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  • Are the banana of a special type or Banana from any part of India can be used. I am from Ahemedabad Gujarat.

    • Hi Atul,
      Any banana can be used for these chips. But if you can get the kerala bananas (which are slightly bigger in size) it will taste even better.
      Also the oil to be used preferably is coconut oil. But people who dislike the taste of coconut oil, also use the normal refined oil.

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