My first recipe e-book

Its been some time that I have added any new recipe to ThetastesofIndia. You might have thought that I am on a vacation.

But that’s not the case. My apologies, if you have been coming here and have not been finding newer additions.

I am actually working on my first ebook – It will be a collection of some very handy and mouth watering recipes. And I am hoping i should be able to give it away for free to all my subscribers.

It is indeed a refreshing feeling when you are creating something. A sense of feeling where you feel that, whatever is going to take shape in a few days is going to be something that is born out of you. A sense that only a person who has experienced motherhood can know.

Stay tuned for this ebook and I am hoping to release the book very soon.

In the meanwhile, I am adding a new category to The Tastes Of India. This category is “Indian Pickles”.

I am sure you will love the pickles that you are about to see in the next few days. I would be posting my first recipe on this category in the next 2-3 days.

Once again thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments.

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