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Written by Puja

With the kind of cosmopolitan life that we lead, it feels as if something is missing if we do not dine outside once a week. While a few of you might feel that the frequency (once a week) is a little too much, it will not be wrong to say that a lot of us indeed do that. But whatever the frequency, dining outside has become a part of our lifestyle.

Some of us prefer the tried and tested regular places and would love to spend that special evening at the same place every time we go outside, there are yet others who believe in exploring.

Some of us prefer a Pizza restaurant or, even a McDonald’s as our dine-out venue, while some others prefer a nice north-indian restaurant with some delicious north indian food.

But whatever the choice of food or, restaurants… we have one thing in common – TASTE. We would prefer going to a place that serves tasty food.

This series of posts that we are starting this week is to the people who love tasty food. It is an “ode to the taste-buds”. In these posts we will be reviewing good restaurants that not only serves tasty foods but also makes you feel Royal with their customer service.


Contribute to Restaurant Reviews

To make this initiative a success, we need your support – Support from all of the readers at

If you wish to contribute, here is what you can do –

  • Click a picture of a couple of the cuisines that you liked at the restaurant and the Restaurant itself.
  • If your prefer writing a few words about the restaurant, then write it and sent it over to us at ode(at)
  • You can send us your review and rate the restaurant on a scale of 5.
  • You can even send us your picture and little about yourself if you wish your profile to be published along with the review.
  • Don’t forget to send us the name and the complete address of the restaurant.

The Street Food Maharajas

One of the objectives of our initiative is to bring to the fore all of those unsung Maharajas of Kitchen who make tasty food but doesn’t serve it in expensive restaurants. We are talking about the street food champions.

You might have a food joint at one of those corners in a busy market, who make tasty food like none others. If you want to let others know about him and the food joint, you can send us a short review about him as well.

That way you will help a lot of us foodies who prefer trying out these nice street food corners.

Follow the exact same process as above to send us your reviews about these unsung Chefs.

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