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April 25, 2017

Restaurant Review # 4 : The Mughal Kitchen Review, Restaurant in Kaggadasapura, Bangalore


The Mughal Kitchen restaurant review

We were preparing for our vacation to Kolkata. There were a ton of things that we had to purchase and some of it was from the local stores near our house.

After a tiring 3 hours of roaming around, when hunger pangs hit we happened to walk into this restaurant – “The Mughal Kitchen”.

After an experience that can be described as “Awesome”, we thought of putting together this review for the restaurant as part of our Restaurant Reviews.

The Mughal Kitchen – The Restaurant

Located on the main Kaggadasapura road, it wasn’t too difficult to find though there wasn’t a hoarding or, a signboard that would catch your attention and direct you to it.

Their board said “North Indian”, South Indian and Chinese which is something common with most restaurants in the area. While almost all of them claim to be specialists in all of these, the first bite of a cuisine could easily tell you the speciality of the chef. Because either the South Indian recipes wouldn’t taste South Indian or, there would be a South Indian touch to the North Indian food.

So we weren’t expecting a lot when we saw the board.

The Mughal Kitchen

We walked into the restaurant which was neat, clean and organized. There were a few guests who had almost done with their lunch (considering it was already 3:00 PM, it wasn’t a surprise).

Some remixed music was playing which wasn’t annoying but also not very pleasing. But it wasn’t a deal breaker. You would unknowingly tap your feet, in the middle of eating your food and that we felt was enough engagement that the music could provide.

the mughal kitchen restaurant

We were running out of patience and had to quickly put something into our hungry stomachs and hence picked a nice and peaceful corner in the restaurant and went straight onto the menu card that the waiter handed over to us.

The Mughal Kitchen Restaurant Review – The Food

The menu card was simple with the first page showcasing some of their signature dishes followed by a few pages of appetizers and then the main course.

The menu was normal with the usual spread that you would find in most North Indian Restaurants.

We had gone through a couple of bad experiences with a few other so called North Indian Restaurants, so we were a little confused if we should give the north Indian cuisines a try.

After a minute of discussing we eventually decided to go with North Indian and ordered “Babycorn Chilli” and “Paneer Kalimirch Tikka” to start off with.

We followed it with a a couple of items from the main course like Paneer Lababdar, Paneer Butter Masala, Malai Kofta and Dal Fry along with Butter Naan.

butter naan

babycorn chilli

paneer butter masala

The service time was extremely good. We have had experiences where we walked into a hyped restaurant and ordered food only to wait for about 30 minutes before it is served.

Our food was served in about 10 minutes of ordering and it was boiling hot. The waiter patiently spread it on the table, though we weren’t as patient when we pounced onto the food.

The Naan was also soft and hot with butter generously spread over it.

For once, we did not regret ordering North Indian food. Everything from the Paneer Lababdar to Dal Fry was very tasty and had a genuine North Indian touch to it.

We finished off the food in no time. Our repeat order for Naans were quickly taken and served in about another 5-7 minutes. That was quick and beat out expectations.

Once we had finished the food we walked around the restaurant to experience the ambiance. Since most guests had left by that time and we were the only ones in the restaurant, we could get a nice view of the activities of the staff in the restaurant.

They had an outdoor dining as well, which was nicely setup. The furnitures had a bamboo blended touch and the place was nicely organized.

the mughal kitchen outdoor dining

the mughal kitchen outdoor dining
the mughal kitchen outdoor dining

There were a few rabbits running around here and there and then a few cages with beautiful birds in it (this is not something that I would commend or, appreciate because I don’t believe birds are to be caged).

Concluding our Experience

The Mughal Kitchen is a decent budget restaurant. The menu is affordably priced and for the kind of menu, it was aptly priced. The food was tasty and worth the pricing.

The menu wouldn’t confuse you and picking the right ones shouldn’t be time consuming (I find figuring out what to order, the most daunting task in a restaurant).

The place was nice, clean and maintained well. The staff was prompt and courteous.

The only thing I recommend is to “Smile”. I find this missing in a lot of the staff at most restaurants. But in essence what they are missing is not the “Smile”, but the sense of satisfaction that they are going to give out to each of the guest that they served for the day.

The Mughal Kitchen has a decent ambiance for a budget restaurant. Don’t go in there expecting a 5-star ambiance and be disappointed. It will be unfair to a restaurant which serves nice and tasty food at a reasonable price.

We would surely want to visit the restaurant again at least for the food. It was genuinely tasty!

The Mughal Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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