Gardening – Tip of the Day

November 12, 2014

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Gardening – Tip of the Day

Good Morning Foodies 🙂

Today I have a great tip for you .

Do you know that you can grow green onions in your kitchen in only 10 days ?

If the answer is NO then I must tell you how ?

Things you would need :

  • Bunch of green onions
  • Jar or cup
  • Water
How to Proceed :
  • First of all cut the top of the green onion off. There should be about 2 inches left at the bottom (bulb area).
  • Place the cut bulbs in your jar or cup.
  • Now fill the jar or cup with water. Ensuring that your onion is sticking out of the top of the water. If it is totally under the water then they will not grow.
  • Change the water after every two days.
  • You can measure the onions growth everyday day to see how much it is growing.


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