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Tip of the Day – Ant Repellent

November 17, 2014

ant repellent

Dear Readers,

Are you fed up with Ants while working in the kitchen or while watering your to your plants in the garden ?

If the answer is YES, then today I have a solution to your problem.

  • Ants dislike cinnamon, so all you can do is that sprinkle some powdered cinnamon or place a couple of cinnamon sticks near your ant infestation to drive them away.
  • Cinnamon acts as a natural repellent for mice and ants. Simply dip a few cotton balls in cinnamon and place them in problem areas.
  • Sprinkle the cinnamon all around your plant  in Every few days and your plant will be ant proof!


A self-proclaimed Champion Cook, who gets the confidence from the love and praises showered upon me by my family consisting of a Cute little Daughter and a husband who loves the Internet more than me (LoL..) and who incidentally happens to be the man behind the technical aspects of this blog. I love working from home and the benefits that come from it and that is why I started this blog where I document all my adventures with cooking. Follow me on my journey..

Puja Darshan

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