Top tips to lose your weight without dieting

Weight Loss NaturallyThese days overweight is the most concerned problem for most of the people around the world. Many are in a false notion, that it is caused due to over eating and they can immediately stop  this over consumption of food to reduce weight problems. Wait! If the stomach is left empty, gases are formed inside the stomach and thus, gastric trouble and ulcers will occur, besides doing nothing for your chubbiness. The whole digestive system is disturbed. People who state that they are on a strict diet, fall in a false notion that stopping food is dieting. But, ‘dieting’ implies having small amounts of right food multiple (4–5) times in small amounts.

There are  lots of tips to lose weight without dieting, a few are listed below:

  1. Drink plenty of water. Water washes out the impurities from the body in the form of sweat. It’s said that, a normal person should take 6–8 litres of water every day.
  2. Have food (except junk/oily) that is easily digestable and try to eat foods that has no to less salt, sugar and carbs; consuming a whole meal at a go will make you sluggish and also stimulate hunger within a short span of time.
  3. Add grains, sprouts, flakes and few energy supplying foods in your diet. They help in fat degradation from the body thus helping in proper weight reduction. Soak 3–4 almonds overnight, peel them off and have them early in the morning. This supplies stamina to the body and is the best product to help lose weight faster.
  4. Take raw and/or steamed foods. Foods which contain fibre like beans, greens and other veggies must be part of your food intake to aid in proper digestion.  Spices also help to break down unwanted fat.
  5. Walking/exercises for an hour or two is the best method to lose weight fast. Indeed it’s followed by many but identifying the right one will also take some time.
  6. Swimming helps in developing strong muscles and can be done twice a month, or even once in every two weeks does miracles. It stretches all the parts of the body and cuts down the fat reserves in undesirable area.
  7. Daily workouts like stretching exercises, skipping and cycling brings remarkable changes within 2 weeks.
  8. Believe in DIY or do it yourself. Everyday chores can be part of your exercise . Physical strain will shape your body and can make your physique perfect.
  9. Liquids work faster on the body. Rather than taking in chewable food all the time, you can split your diet chart by adding fresh and natural fruits or vegetables and  blend them to make juices or smoothies. You can add all types of fruits and vegetables to the menu and this way, you can ensure to have a balanced diet..
  10. Practise Yoga, Tai chi, or other ancient forms of excersises. They are very effective!
  11. Pranayama (Breathing exercises) possess few poses (mudras) which are specifically designed for weight loss. These can be done without physical strain, by just sitting at a point. Concentrating on the pose is the root source of this method. And if you like music then try considering dance classes to shed those extra pounds. But overweight and obese people need to be cautious.
  12. Cosmetic surgeries are also one of the good options but they can be expensive and need time, attention and ample rest.

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