The Yogi Breakfast – Breakfast Tips from a Yogi to Start Your Day with Energy and Enthusiasm

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It is said that your breakfast defines your day and what better way to plan your breakfast by emulating this Yogi Breakfast.

yogi breakfast

Breakfast – the first meal of the day that practically frames the rest of a yogi’s day. There have been a number of speculations and discussions regarding the ideal way to start a day for the yogis. Whether to keep it light or heavy? Whether to consume a liquefying diet or indulge in solids more?

For a yogi, each and every element plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy mind and body. Hence, being baffled is just not an option. According to the science of Ayurveda, we all have a source of digestive power in the body known as ‘Agni’.

This Agni (or fire) needs to be awakened from a mild stupor of the night for a proper functioning of the digestive system and to remain energetic throughout the day.

However, waking the ‘Agni’ is a gradual process and cannot happen in haste. It is like kindling a furnace wherein you gradually give way to the embers from the other night to breathe and fire the furnace (in this case, the body). If we throw too much fuel into it then it would only get bogged down and eventually douse under its weight.

Hence, feeding the body with the heaviest meal when this Agni is the strongest is most essential. In a human body, the Agni element is slow during the morning as the body has just woken up and needs time to reach its full motion.

Hence, a light-medium breakfast is ideal. The Agni is at its peak when the Sun is at its maximum which is ideally between 12-2 pm. This is when a yogi is advised to consume the heaviest meal of the day which is followed by a light supper when the body is preparing to sleep.

yogi breakfast

Starting Your Day as a Yogi – the Yogi Breakfast

Cleanse and Hydrate! Hydrate your body by kick-starting the day with a glass of lukewarm water. You may add a few drops of lemon and honey to commence the metabolic process and to flush out any toxins from the previous day.  Additionally, dedicate a few minutes to Pranayama Therapy for gently stroking the internal organs and awakening them.

The science of Ayurveda strongly stresses on the fact that each human is an individual and their body must be catered to with a highly-individualistic approach. The body constitution is composed of three elements, also known as humours or doshas. These doshas are commonly referred to as the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

A yogi’s diet, including the Breakfast, has to be planned and decided according to their body constitution for ensuring healthy bodily functions. The aggravated dosha in the body needs to be controlled while the other doshas require a certain degree of aggravation so that equilibrium can be reached.

Ideal Breakfast Tips for Vata-Dominated Body

  • Vata Dosha is cool, arid, coarse and light. Hence, consume foods that can counteract these by consuming heavy, soft, and naturally oily food.
  • Consume foods that are freshly prepared and have a smooth texture.
  • Eat food that is warm in composition instead of cold.
  • Favor clammy food over the fried and dry type.
  • Prefer food that is sweet, sour, and salty while ditching the pungent, astringent, and bitter one.
  • Avoid fasting and a liquefying diet.
  • For breakfast, choose from options such as Hot Cereals garnished with warm milk, nuts, ghee, flax seeds, maple syrup, honey, etc. Add sprinkles of warm herbs such as cinnamon, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, etc. You can also go with a nut and berry shake dressed with warming herbs of your choice.

Ideal Breakfast Tips for Pitta-Dominated Body

  • Pitta is hot, sharp, fluid, sour, and pungent. Hence, Pitta-dominated yogis should consume foods that are cold (in composition and not temperature), astringent, bitter, sweet, and collective.
  • Consume cool foods such as raw fruits and vegetables. Ditch alcohol and caffeine as these are heat aggravating.
  • Switch to heavier and nourishing meals instead of light
  • Go for dry and dense foods instead of fat-oriented and liquefying.
  • Let go of salt, pungent, and sour food choices.
  • For breakfast, opt for an energetic fruit salad dressed with dates, almonds, figs, coconut shavings, and honey. You may also go with a bowl of lukewarm Oatmeal dressed in ghee or milk.

Ideal Breakfast Tips for Kapha-Dominated Body

  • Kapha-dominated yogis may choose from foods that are easy to digest and hot in composition.
  • Prefer light foods over dense ones.
  • Go with warm or hot food choices instead of cold ones.
  • Consume more of dry foods instead of soggy and oily.
  • Raw foods with a rough texture are ideal than the smooth ones.
  • Select from foods that are pungent, bitter, and have an astringent composition instead of sweet, sour, or salty.
  • An ideal Kapha-dominated body’s breakfast choices would be stewed fruits, fresh green smoothies, seasonal fruit shakes, museli with warm milk, rye toast, barley cereals, etc.

Those with a bi-dosha or a tri-dosha are advised to select food choices according to the season.

Always eat with a hearty smile and welcome each morsel with grace.

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