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About Puja

blogger, podcaster and author

Puja started "The Tastes of India" in 2010-2011 as a side hustle and went on to build it as a full time business. In addition to blogging, Puja also runs a Podcast - The Tastes of India Podcast, which is India's first and only "Recipe Podcast" and has a solid listenership. She has also authored her first book, "Tasty Kids Recipes for Picky Eaters" which is available for sale on Amazon both as a paperback and a Kindle eBook.

Before becoming a full time blogger, Puja worked in various corporate jobs including as a customer redressal officer for a leading Insurance Company.


About The Tastes of India

Indian Culture through Vegetarian Indian Recipes

The Tastes of India is not just a blog about recipes. It is about Indian culture. The one thing that binds us Indians together is food. While the ingredients might slightly change and the names could slightly vary, the core recipes are more or, less the same. You will find a variation of the Sambhar in the eastern part of India and can also see a variation of Kadhi in Southern India. The Tastes of India is an attempt to present this unity in diversity, through vegetarian recipes.

Started in 2010-2011, the blog went through a lot of ups and down before stabilizing in 2015 and have continued strongly since then as one of the top Vegetarian Indian recipes blog.

In 2017, we started "The Tastes of India Podcast", which has broadcasted 150+ episodes and is one of the most listened food podcasts in India. The show is primarily in Hindi and hence has listenership largely from India.


The demographics of the blog and the podcast is largely females, especially moms who are looking for a quick recipe for their family.


India is the largest in terms of readership with about 53%, followed by the US with about 26% and UK with about 10%.

The podcast has a listenership of about 68% from India and about 18% from US.

Age Group

The age group between 25-44 years contributes about 58% of the readers of the blog and about 14% each of 18-24 years and 45-54 years.


The readership is primarily female with about 65%. Since the recipes are mostly targeted towards working moms, they are primarily the ones who consume the content both on the blog as well as the podcast.

Statistics - Blog and Podcast

Here's some numbers that will interest you, about the blog and the Podast


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