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50 Tasty Kids Recipes that are sure to bring that sweet smile on your Kids' Faces!

The Tasty Kids Recipes Cookbook!

The Tasty Kids Recipes Cookbook is a collections of 50 Tasty kids recipes that your kids will fall in love with.

You will find everything from fast-foods that are easy to make at home and better than the restaurant ones, quick breakfast recipes and tasty snack recipes to satisfy your kids hunger pangs in those evenings when you are wondering what to serve along with that glass of milk!


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What's Inside the eBook!

Here's a quick snapshot of what you will find inside the eBook


Quick Recipes

These are quick and easy recipes that you can make for a quick snack to satisfy those hunger pangs in the evenings.


Fast Food Recipes

With the new normal, eating out has become a rare luxury. Also, that worry if the food that is being served is clean, hygienic and healthy.. That's a little too much to handle.

Let not your little ones crave for that restaurant style fast foods. Cook one of the many quick and easy fast foods in the book and see how your little ones prefer eat at home from the next time onwards.


Heirloom Recipes

Heirloom recipes are always the best for your kids. Passed on over generations, these are healthy and has all those essential elements that your growing kids need.

Pick any of the heirloom recipes and make it today. You kids are sure to love it!


Tasty Snacks Recipes

Evenings are the most difficult for all moms. What to serve along with a glass of milk in the evening makes us moms the most worried..

About the Author

Puja Darshan

Puja is a doting mother, who used to spend a lot of time trying to make her daughter eat healthy food. 

Just like all your mothers out there, her biggest worry was the "lunch boxes" that came back everyday, when her daughter returned from school.

She knew that she had to be a little innovative to ensure that her daughter eats well.

That's how she started experimenting with different recipes and that's how the idea of this book was born.

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