The Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread is a tasty fusion snack that combines creamy paneer and garlic butter in a fluffy bun. This Korean Garlic Bread recipe is good for

Suryakala Sweet is a tasty recipe made by stuffing khoya in maida dough, shaping it like the sun, deep-frying it, and finally soaking it in sugar syrup. Surkala Sweet Recipe

Lavang Lata is a sweet, layered parcel, filled with kheer(reduced milk), also called khoya, and sealed with clove. (step-by-step-pictures) About Lavang Latika: The name comes from the word “laung,” which

In this Khoya Recipe, you will learn how to make khoya. Khoya, also called Mawa, Khoa, or kheer, is an important part of many Indian sweets, particularly in the Northern