Instant Whipped Cream and Berries Recipe

instant whipped cream berries recipe

Instant whipped cream and berries recipe is an instant low carb diet recipe that also substitutes as a dessert. I was always against dieting and I am sure you could imagine the reason behind this. I was a complete foodie who liked trying different foods. But being a foodie did not mean that I would … Read more

Bourbon Biscuits Choco Shots Recipe – Step by Step Video

Bourbon Biscuits Choco Shots Recipe

Bourbon Biscuits Choco Shots recipe is a simple 5 minutes recipe that uses only 3 ingredients and tastes heavenly. It is a nice sweet drink that can be served after a filling meal. Today while shooting for a video my hubby said, “Why don’t we record one more video recipe today?” I was like, what???????? … Read more