This is one way of preparing Paneer Butter Masala but I will come up with a simpler way of making it, if you are sort of time and want to

Phirni is very popular in North India.You would find people making phirni on any kind of special occasion or on festive season. Phirni is almost equivalent to kheer since the

Mini Dosa is one of the easiest recipe for your kids lunch box.It is very easy to make . You can store this dosa batter for at least for one

This simple soyachunks mint rice recipe is very easy and simple to make.This uses your normal daily-use rice thus making it a recipe for everyday. Even the other ingredients used

Kerala mixture has a typical Kerala taste to it, unlike the North indian mixture which focus on a sweet soury taste Kerala mixtures are slightly spicier. Ingredients :- Peanuts  –

I got this recipe from a Punjabi lady during my college day.She would use any kind of leftover dal or beans to make paratha for breakfast the next day. What

Pakkavada is a very famous Kerala snack item prepared from rice flour and besan. It is also known as ribbon pakoda due to its particular shape. This is super crispy