A new blog is born on the internet every half a second. About 95% of these don’t go through to the second month because of obvious reasons. But that doesn’t

Kasi Halwa Halwa is a North Indian sweet dish. While there is another sweet called by the same name in South India (read Kerala), it is an entirely different thing

Muringakka Leaves Dal – Off all the things that I like about Kerala, this is what I like the most – the tongue twisters. It is said that Malayalam is

Who doesn’t like a milk shake? I still remember one of those ads that we saw as kids, which showed a FREE shake bottle along with Nescafe. And we as

One vegetable that I was absolutely terrified of as a kid was beet-root. You can attribute it to the red-color or, even the looks of it but whatever was the

Weight Loss and Other Benefits With Honey Lemon Water I had once read an article long back about detoxification. The article was so complicated and difficult to understand, that I

Ari Unda – Rice Jaggery Balls has a lot of memories for my Husband and his brothers. Let me put it in his own words… “As a kid, summers used