Cajun Potato Recipe is a creamy and tasty snack made from small mashed potatoes mixed with a tangy curd-based sauce. This Cajun Potato Recipe is a vegetarian version of the

These easy eggless oatmeal cookies are soft, chewy, and buttery sweet. They’re filled with a mix of plump raisins and cranberries and flavored with cinnamon. This recipe is very easy

Roasted ghee banana combines only two things – nendran bananas and ghee (pure ghee). This delicious South Indian instant sweet makes the banana taste very good with the nice flavor

The Potato Sandwich also called as Aloo sandwich is an easy Indian Style breakfast or snack recipe made with boiled and mashed potatoes, a few spices, and then toasted on

Make this easy pazham pori recipe also known as Ethakka Appam in Malyalam, and enjoy a tasty snack from Kerala any time of day. These sweet banana fritters can be

Murmura Namkeen, also called Murmura Chivda, is a super crunchy and tasty snack that’s good for you and your family. You don’t need any fancy ingredients, and it doesn’t take

Stuffed Aloo Bread Pakora is a very commonly found street food in North India. Stuffed aloo bread pakora can be served along with green coriander chutney and tomato sauce. About

The recipe for Aloo Chaat is for anyone who loves Indian street food. It’s easy to make, packed with flavor, and sure to be a hit with family and friends.

Bhalla Papdi Chaat Recipe is a famous North Indian fast food or street food. This is served almost all across India. Most of the time you would find people gathering

Bhelpuri is a combination of puffed rice, three different chutneys, sev, veggies, some Indian spices, etc. This recipe is super easy to make at home especially if you are ready