Bourbon Biscuits Choco Shots Recipe – Step by Step Video

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Written by Puja

Bourbon Biscuits Choco Shots recipe is a simple 5 minutes recipe that uses only 3 ingredients and tastes heavenly. It is a nice sweet drink that can be served after a filling meal.

Bourbon Biscuits Choco Shots RecipeToday while shooting for a video my hubby said, “Why don’t we record one more video recipe today?”

I was like, what????????

I did not even plan for anything. But somewhere I was also in agreement and felt that it would be better if we shoot one more recipe.

bourbon choco shots
We are planning to travel (to my native) this month and recording a couple of additional videos will give me some leverage. We will have a couple of buffer videos in hand and that would help us maintain consistency in posting and not miss out publishing our usual video posts on Thursdays.

That was it!!!!!!!!!!

My brain-machine started working and we geared up for another video shoot. For 5 minutes I kept thinking as to what recipe would I record.

bourbon choco shots
I am not a spontaneous person. I need time to think, plan and decide and though I plan my recipes most of the times, there are instances where I usually end up playing around with the ingredients and making something completely different from what I had planned. And that comes from the confidence that I can make something with whatever is available at home. Of course, eatables…hahaha.

I love experimenting, but whenever I plan to experiment my hubby gets scared.

You know why???

bourbon choco shots recipe

Because he is the guinea pig for all my recipe experiments. Lol.

He would keep staring at me and everything that I am doing, as in what all am I adding to the recipe. And I keep assuring him that it is going to be a nice and tasty recipe.

But at the same time somewhere deep down in his heart he also knows that whatever I make, it is going be tasty (or, maybe that’s just me assuming what he might be thinking).

bourbon choco shots recipe
To cut a long story short, after all of the thinking processes was done, I decided to make a nice and tasty drink. I decided I will use chocolates and decided on making something out of Bourbon biscuits (because that was the first thing I laid my hands on) and white choco chips.

choco shots recipe

In all this, there was one person who was very worried. It was my daughter. She is a step ahead of her father when it comes to chocolates. She was worried that I would finish her white choco chips. She likes munching choco chips and the last thing she wanted is for me to finish it off.

choco shots recipe

I had to do some serious convincing to make her understand that I will buy a new pack of choco chips for her.

We had some nice funny moments on that day.

Now let me explain my easy peasy 5 minute Bourbon Biscuits Choco Shots Recipe.

choco shots recipe

Trust me the recipe turned out to be heavenly. Only after a sip, my hubby was downed and he asked for more. It was the same reaction from my daughter and all the other family members. And that’s how this recipe became a big hit in my family.

Honestly speaking if you know your ingredients and how those taste, and if you can add these in the right proportions then you can create magic with pretty much anything.

chocolate shots recipe


Bourbon Biscuits Choco Shots Recipe

This choco shot recipe was inspired by Choco shots that I saw at the Cafe-Coffee Day restaurants.

We melted some white choco chips in some milk and blended it with Bourbon biscuits. The bourbon chocolate biscuits gave the drink the taste of chocolates and the flavor of the biscuits added a nice aroma to it.

You can serve it as it is or, if you prefer refrigerating it, you can do that as well.

This Bourbon biscuits Choco shots recipe takes less than 5 minutes to make and can be a good sweet dish to be served after a sumptuous meal.

Go ahead, try it out and enjoy. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts by commenting below.


Bourbon Biscuits Choco Shots Recipe

Bourbon Biscuits Choco Shots Recipe

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Prep Time: 2 minutes
Cook Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 3
Author: Puja


  • Milk - 1 cup
  • White chocolate chips - 1/2 cup
  • Bourbon biscuits - 6
  • Fruit jam - 1 tbsp
  • Chocolate sauce - as needed


  • Heat milk, add choco chips in it.
  • Keep stirring for few minutes till the choco chips melt properly.
  • Once done let the mixture cool down.
  • Now in a bowl or jug add bourbon biscuits.(break the biscuits in few pieces)
  • Now add the choco-chips mixture to it and blend it well.
  • Pour it into the glass and add some chocolate sauce over it. (if you want you can refrigerate it for an hour or else you can serve it right away)
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