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December 18, 2017

Chocolate Rice Kheer Recipe – How to Make Chocolate Rice Pudding

Chocolate Rice Kheer Recipe is an easy to make dessert recipe for all chocolate lovers. This recipe is perfect for any festival.

chocolate kheer recipe

It’s December and in a few days, it would be time for you to get a new planner for the New Year. Another year is about to go down into history. It is that time of the year where you sit down and introspect – a sincere assessment of how your year was.

What good did you do in the year and what bad?

How much did you give and how much more you could have given?

How much and how did you inspire your kids and others around you?

What are the positives and what were the negatives in the year?

chocolate kheer

There’s a lot of things to be assessed. And this is not so that you feel bad or, good about it. Instead, it is so that you could plan for a better 2018.

A better one from all aspects – mental, spiritual, physical and monetary.

It was my daughter’s school Annual Day a couple of days back. And my daughter was performing. We were also invited and we went there along with her grandparents.

It was a glorious evening and the performances of the kids were worth applauding. The teachers and the kids had put in a lot of effort.

In fact, they had a nice theme to the programme. The show depicted the journey of a few ants as they went around the world in the quest of happiness and to understand what happiness was.

chocolate kheer

The kids wanted to tell us something. In fact, they wanted to teach us a lot of things.

The importance of helping others, caring for the community, protecting the nature, preservation of trees, maintaining cleanliness etc.

While the show was going on, we noticed something awkward. There were a few parents who saw their own kids perform. The moment their performance was over, they started talking to each other and their friends with absolutely no regard to the other parents who were sitting there and more so to the other little kids who were performing.

chocolate payasam

I looked at Dilip who called me and showed around.

I was shocked.

The entire place was littered with the empty snacks boxes that were served by the school. And this was when there were dust-bins placed at every 10 feet and all around the place. All it would have taken was to walk 10 feet and drop the box into one of those dust-bins.

What example were we setting for our kids?

chocolate kheer

How will that parent who littered, be able to tell their kids to keep their surrounding clean?

How will that parent who wasn’t bothered about how the other kids were performing, be able to tell their kids that they should care for their classmates?

These were some obvious questions that we had to ask ourselves.

chocolate kheer

As we were driving back home, we knew that there was this one thing that would feature in our planners for the next year. And that was ensuring that we don’t do anything that we wouldn’t like our kids to do.

Okay. So as we get ready to go into the next year, what is the one thing that you think you could have done better in the last year. Comment below and let us know and I am sure there would be a lot of things that we will be able to find for our next year’s resolutions.

chocolate kheer

Chocolate Rice Kheer Recipe – How to Make Chocolate Rice Pudding

Chocolate rice kheer is a great recipe for those who are chocoholic. This recipe is very simple and easy to make. It uses very less ingredients. Chocolate rice pudding can be made on any festival. So if you are a big fan of chocolate then this recipe is for you.


chocolate rice kheer

Chocolate Rice Kheer Recipe – How to Make Chocolate Rice Pudding

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Author: Puja


  • Rice - 1 cup
  • Full fat milk - 6 cups 3 cups to boil rice + 3 cups extra
  • Cocoa Powder - 1/2 cup sifted
  • Sweetened condensed milk - 1 cup


  • In a pressure cooker add rice and milk and cook until done. Set aside.
  • Heat rest of the 3 cups of milk in a separate pan.
  • In a pan, combine milk, cooked rice and let it boil over medium heat.
  • Now simmer it and let it cook until the liquid is reduced to its half.
  • Then add condensed milk and cook again until the mixture is thick.
  • Now add cocoa powder to it and mix well.
  • Let the chocolate rice pudding cools down.
  • Refrigerate it and here you go.....
  • Chocolate rice pudding or chocolate kheer is ready to serve now.


If you are a dark chocolate lover, this chocolate rice pudding is one of the best desserts which can surely satisfy your cravings. But if you are not a big fan of dark chocolate flavor, tone down the amount of cocoa powder.
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Puja Darshan

  • Gosh, that’s really sad to hear about the trash after the performance. And all of the parents talking during the other kids’ portion of the show is really disturbing. I can’t imagine how I’d feel about that…but it wouldn’t be good. I love your resolution for the new year. In order for kids to learn, we have to demonstrate good behavior first! Also, this chocolate rice pudding sounds delicious…I’ve had rice pudding, but never chocolate rice pudding. Adding this to the list! 🙂

  • I have always made kheer with just milk and sugar. This sounds absolutely delicious, my eldest son loves kheer….I will surprise him with this recipe the next time I make it….Thank you for sharing this recipe Puja, I cannot wait to try ????

  • In my world everything is better with chocolate, so thank you for this! I wish I had a big bowl of this for dessert tonight. 🙂

  • Sad to hear about the behavior at the show, and you’re right. How do we teach our kids about these things if we are not doing them ourselves? I love rice pudding, but adding chocolate? YES PLEASE!!! 🙂

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