Creamy Fruity Sandwich Recipe by My Little Chef

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Written by Puja

Creamy Fruits Sandwich is a healthy sandwich recipe for kids that was specially made by my daughter. You will simply love the kiddish look of this sandwich.

creamy fruity sandwich recipe

Last week when I got to know about the Fireless Cooking Competition, to be held at my daughter’s school, I was a little skeptical, if my little daughter would be able to manage everything. I was worried at the first instance and I thought of not enrolling her for the competition. But after seeing the excitement on my daughter’s face, I didn’t feel like saying “NO” for the competition. I decided to prepare her for the competition.

I had just one day. Rather, I should say, in total, I had only a few hours, a day before the competition. I was so confused as in from where to start and how to make her understand the whole process of cooking and how she needs to present things in front of everybody while she is in front of the camera. But I had the confidence though, that she would do well because she had always shown an interest in helping me while cooking.

There was a magical ingredient that was to be used in the recipe. In my daughter’s case, this magical ingredient was “Whole Wheat Bread”, and she had to prepare something out of bread without any processed food being used in the recipe. The main idea was to prepare something healthy.

My daughter loves fresh cream taken out of milk. Especially when it is spread on the bread. Hence I thought of teaching her to make “Creamy Fruity Sandwich” with the fruity smiley faces on the sandwich, which will give it a kiddish look.

Finally, she learned everything and the next morning I got her ready with everything packed. I was very anxious to know how she did.

Today, I received some of the photographs taken during the cooking competition. I learned that she did really well. Her teacher said she was the star of the day and I was like “REALLY”.

I was simply amazed by the response of the teacher.

So today I am not sharing a recipe that I made, instead, I am sharing this recipe made by my daughter.

creamy fruity sandwich

creamy fruity sandwich

Creamy Fruity Sandwich Recipe

Creamy Fruity Sandwich is a healthy recipe made with simple ingredients consist of whole wheat bread, cream, and fruits. It’s a fun recipe which can also be made by the kids. Since it does not require any fancy item hence it can be made in a few minutes.

creamy fruity sandwich

Creamy Fruity Sandwich by My Little Chef

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Author: Puja


  • Whole Wheat Bread - 2
  • Fresh Cream - as needed
  • Banana - 1
  • Green Grapes - as needed
  • Black Grapes - as needed
  • Apple - as needed
  • Honey - 1 tbsp


  • Take 2 slice of bread on a cutting pad.
  • Cut it in a circular shape.
  • Take a bowl and add fresh cream and honey.
  • Mix it well with a spoon.
  • Spread the mixture on top of the bread slices.
  • For the eyes, place 2 slices of bananas and then, place the cut black grapes on top of it.
  • For the nose, place a quarter piece of the green grape.
  • For the lips, place the apple slice.
  • Garnish with grapes and serve immediately.
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