The Best Indian Restaurants in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas isn’t only known for its casinos; it’s also a haven for foodies as a myriad of cuisines can be found in the city’s restaurants. It is also home to a variety of eateries that specialize in preparing rustic Indian dishes. If you’re craving some authentic Indian food, then the below guide on ” The Best Indian Restaurants in Las Vegas” may come in handy, as the majority of Indian restaurants are situated away from the famous Las Vegas Strip.

India Palace

The India Palace is known for its wide array of Northern and Southern Indian dishes. It is always packed with locals so it’s better to make a reservation first before going here. At lunch, there’s an eat-all-you-can area that features some of the most scrumptious Indian dishes such as lamb kabob, goat curry, and tandoori chicken. There are also options for vegetarians including lentil soup and Aloo sagg – a dish that is made with potatoes and spinach. Chicken Tikka Masala, Fish Tandoori, and Seekh kabon.


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Samosa Factory

Samosa Factory is a restaurant that prides itself on its authentic Northern Indian style cuisine. It is frequented by health buffs as Samosa is all about preparing all-natural food, meaning MSG and artificial coloring’s are banned from its kitchen. While there is no buffet here compared to India Palace, Samosa Factory’s lamb servings border on the grandeur.

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Origin India Restaurant and Bar

If you want seasonal Indian dishes, you should go to Origin India. Its menu changes regularly, offering guests some of the most amazing multi-regional cuisine every lunch and dinner. All of the chef suggestions in the menu are delicious, especially the Chutney chicken and Jhinga nisha. Guests who wish to have wine with their dinner will be met with the restaurants extensive win list that attracts wine connoisseurs from across the city.

Although there aren’t any restaurants featured in this list from the Vegas Strip that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t expect to see any open in the likes of the MGM or Bellagio soon. The major casinos on the Strip have changed their business models dramatically in the last decade and many have launched celebrity-run restaurants to help them appeal to a new market. And it’s only a matter of time before we see a high profile Indian restaurant producing authentic Indian food become a focal point on the Strip.

Origin India Restaurant and Bar

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Casinos on the Strip now offer the best in live entertainment, high end retail shops, spas and of course, the most alluring eateries in the whole city to entice visitors through their doors. And it’s not just in Vegas where gaming brands have had to make adjustments to their business because of a shift in gaming culture. Gala Coral the operators of online portal, Gala Bingo were the latest company to sell off some of their physical assets to focus on their online services.

Because of such a shift, and the market share that online providers now command, the likes of the Vegas casinos need to continue to diversify their portfolios to counter the competition that online portals provide. Opening up Michelin-star restaurants, as well as diversifying their dishes, seems to be working because Americans love their Indian food. According to Migration Policy, there are about 2 million Indian immigrants living in the U.S., and those numbers are helping boost the Indian food tourism in Sin City. Which will hopefully lead to an Indian restaurant being launched in a leading casino on the Strip very soon.

There are more and more Indian restaurants popping up in Vegas every year. But, at the minute, we feel that the aforementioned three are probably the best the city has to offer. If you feel we have missed anyone off this list, let us know in the comments section below.



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