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Food blogging is exciting. As Indian Food Bloggers, we at times feel that there is a lot more to be explored by both the food bloggers as well as the Foodies who visit us.

Nevertheless, let me introduce you to something, assuming you are unaware about it.

When I was leading a bachelor life and was staying alone, I would browse the internet for recipes that I would want to experiment with and when I would find it, I would print it out and file it in so that I could refer to it later. My friends would call me crazy because it was uncommon for bachelors to be cooking at home.

After I got married, I found Puja also doing the same thing. She had a natural passion for cooking which shows in the tasty food that she cooks. It is said that “the road to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and true it is. At least I am a living proof that it is.. 🙂

We both kept bookmarking recipes that we liked, but it was a pain finding it again when needed.

Our Experiments here at The Tastes of India

We have been trying out a lot of resources here at our blog. Some of you might have noticed a mention on Ziplist, on the blog a few months back. That was something we wanted to try. But sad as it turned out to be.. after about us joining Ziplist, the service itself was closed and transitioned over to Epicurious.

If all these names sound Greek to you, then let me explain it to you.

Ziplist, Epicurious, Yummly… all of these do pretty much the same thing but with a little difference in the way it is done. And what they do is pretty straightforward.

They let you create a Customized Recipe Box of your own, where you can then store your favorite recipes. Now that is something that addressed the problem that I spoke to you about a few paragraphs above. But there is more to it, than just adding recipes.

Yummly – Sharing and Storing Recipes

After Ziplist retired, we were looking out for something similar and that is how we stumbled onto Yummly. We were impressed with the first look of their website and just as it is said, the first impression is the best impression.

We were compelled to check out their website and services. The result of that was the addition of a nice little “Yum” Button in the sharing options below each post.

yummlyNow there is a lot that you can do with this button in addition to sharing it with your friends.

Finding the Right Recipe – Ever wanted to find a recipe that is salty? You can do that with Yummly. Often, there are situations where we would want to find recipes that are very specific – a holiday, a specific diet recipe, a recipe that takes a specific amount of time etc. You can do all of that with Yummly, thanks to the many useful filters.

Recommended Recipes – One of the main things you can do with Yummly is store recipes. But what it also does is that it creates a recommended recipes list for you based on your tastes and choices. So when you login to your account, you see a list of recipes that you are sure to love.

Recipes for Now – This is one of the features we liked very much. Imagine a situation where you know that you have only Carrots and Cauliflower at home (that’s a very weird situation, I know). And you want to make something out of it. Just go to your Yummly dashboard and search for a recipe with the ingredients that you have at home and you are sure to find something. So, no need to go shopping for items just because you want to cook. You can even do that with whatever you have and Yummly simplifies doing that.

Organize Recipes – You can organize all the recipes you collect from around the internet in nice Collections and refer to it anytime you want.

We found Yummly, a very nice option for both the food blogger and the foodie visitor. We will recommend that you check them out and create a free account there. You can save all the recipes that you find here at to your recipe box there, so that you have it for ready reference.

Visit Yummly at

I am an internet marketer, blogger and social media enthusiast and the technician behind the blog here at I love the madness around the blog here and everything that goes behind the scenes in creating all these videos, podcasts and these recipe posts.

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