Trip to Kolkata – 20 Days of Memories in a City that Forgot to Move

saraswati puja

As the flight touched down at the Kolkata airport and the pilot announced that the weather outside was pleasant (which is very unlike Kolkata), I was already feeling a pleasant warmth in the air. The warmth that you would normally feel when you are lying down with your head in your mom’s lap and your … Read more

Through My Lens: 7 – The Invisible Bond of Communication

invisible bond of communication

In about a week from now, my daughter’s school will be celebrating their annual day. And unlike my times when a select group of kids would perform on stage, these days every kid is proactively included in one or, the other performances in their annual day celebrations. Strangely though, this time round my daughter who … Read more

Surrounded by Knowledge – Remains of Vikramshila University


You ask an Indian about his thoughts about winter, you are bound to get different thoughts and opinions, thanks to how the winters show up in different parts of India. Depending upon where you are, you might have a different view about the Winters. Because the Northern part of India experiences a very cold and … Read more