The Tastes of India

India is a land of diversity. The beauty that you would witness as you travel from the Northern end at Kashmir to the Southern end in Kanyakumari and from the Western end in Gujarat to the Eastern end in Mizoram, is more than what words could explain. The travel through this land with “Unity in Diversity” is a pleasure in itself.
As is the pleasure in travel, so is the tastes in its cuisines. With the varied culture that can be seen throughout India, the variety of cuisines would obviously be countless. My blog, “the Tastes of India” is a tribute to the varied mouth watering cuisines that are specialities of the various states in India. Along with these mouth watering recipes you would also get a lot of “tips and tricks” that we call “Nuskas” in India, that are easy to use and quick solutions to a lot of problems.

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