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Written by Puja

green tea

Tulsi Green Tea Reviews:

I started drinking Green tea called (18 herbs) when I started doing Low Carb diet but then I was little bored of drinking the same kind of flavor everyday. So I was just surfing the internet hoping I would get something different similar to the Green Tea and that is when I came across Organic India Tulsi Green tea. And guess what ? The aroma and the taste of it was very refreshing.


green tea


green tea

After I lost some pounds, I just stopped dieting and sticked to this Tulsi green tea. One should not drink water while having food hence I prefer drinking Tulsi green tea while having lunch or dinner as it is healthy too. But you can drink whenever you want to or as many cups as you want and stay fit and beautiful in a natural way.


Tulsi or Thulasi, also called the Queen of herbs (Ocimum tenuiflorum or Ocimum Sanctum) has many health benefits. This herb is originally from India and has a long culinary and medicinal history. Tulsi is also used in Tea in winter season in India by most of the people to get relief from cough and cold.

green tea

About the Product

ORGANIC INDIA TULSI GREEN TEA is an amazing product. Its a unique combination of tulsi & green tea. The wonderful combination of green tea with a mild flavor of Tulsi keeps you energetic full day. Studies suggest that green tea boost metabolism helps burn fat. Both Tulsi and Green tea are rich in antioxidants, and offers many other amazing health benefits.

green tea

Benefits of Tulsi Green Tea

  • Helps you Relax – Helps to reduce stress
  • Helps to strengthen the Immune system
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Keeps you going – Helps boost stamina
  • Helps improves digestion & metabolism
  • Helps you fight illness, cough and cold
  • Helps anti Ageing
  • Helps uplift mood
  • Helps relieve jet lag

green tea

To conclude I would like to say that the quality of Organic India Green Tea is extremely good in comparison to the lot of the other product. Since most of us knows that green tea are so much in demands and popular these days. Its a proven fact that Green Tea not only helps in keeping weight in control, but also increases immunity.

For the maximum health benefits you can drink tulsi greem tea as much as you like. Hence I would recommend you to try it once and I am sure that you would love this tea along with a perfect cup of health. 🙂

To order ORGANIC INDIA TULSI GREEN TEA click the link below….

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