Easy Indian Recipes? …you would ask! Most Indian recipes take a lot of time and no wonder why it does so. The amount of time that goes into making the

Dear Readers, Are you fed up with Ants while working in the kitchen or while watering your to your plants in the garden ? If the answer is YES, then

I am a fan of sweets. Being born and brought up in Bhagalpur, which is a place known for a variety of sweets, I have always had a special love

Gardening – Tip of the Day Good Morning Foodies 🙂 Today I have a great tip for you . Do you know that you can grow green onions in your

It’s been a long time that I wrote for The Tastes of India. While I can blame part of it to the time crunch, it was also due to some

Good Morning Foodies, Hope you all are enjoying your weekends. 🙂 Did You Know that garlic can treat your sore throat if you have flu ? If not then I

Coconut Rava Kichadi is one of my favorite South Indian recipe. This can be served either for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Rava Kichadi is the combination of rava, vegetables and

Masaledar Lobia Curry Lobia curry is a delicious mouth-watering quick Indian recipe from Punjab. Lobia which is also known as Black eyed beans or cow peas is made in thick

One day I was left with only potatoes in my kitchen and I was thinking what to make for lunch. Though I know many other recipes to make, using potato