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Coconut Rava Kichadi|How to make rava masala kichadi

November 7, 2014

rava kichadiCoconut Rava Kichadi is one of my favorite South Indian recipe. This can be served either for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Rava Kichadi is the combination of rava, vegetables and ghee. This recipe is not only healthy but also an easy recipe to make. The kichadi will be very tasty if you be a little open-handed in adding ghee and oil to it. It tastes great along with sambhar and coconut chutney.


  • Rava(white): 2 cups
  • Water: 4/1/2 cup
  • Mustard seeds: 1⁄2 tsp
  • Turmeric powder: 1⁄2 tsp
  • Onion: 3 medium (chopped)
  • Tomato: 4 medium (chopped)
  • Potato : 1 (chopped)
  • Carrot: 2 (make small pieces)
  • Green peas: 1 small bowl
  • Beans – 1/2 bowl
  • Green Chillis- 3-4 (chopped)
  • Curry leaves : few
  • Oil- 6 to 7 tbsp (you can add less if you want)
  • Ghee – 5 tbsp
  • Cashew nuts : 9-10(broken)
  • Salt as per the taste

To Grind :

  • Cashew nuts – 6-7
  • Coconut – half
  • Cloves – 3
  • Green cardamon – 3

rava kichadiMethod :-

  • Grind coconut, cashew, cloves and green cardamom together and set aside.
  • In a small pan heat water, add chopped potato, carrot, green peas and beans.
  • Boil until the vegetables are cooked properly.Set aside.
  • Dry roast rava on low flame and keep it aside.
  • Heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds.
  • When the seeds starts spluttering add curry leaves.
  • Now add cashew nuts and fry till golden brown.
  • Now add chopped onion to it and fry till soft and transparent.
  • Add ginger-garlic paste and fry till the raw smell goes of.
  • Now add chopped tomatoes and fry until tomatoes are mushy and soft.
  • Now add the grinded masala and cooked vegetables and mix well.
  • Add salt as per your taste.
  • Add water in the mixture and increase the flame. Let the mixture boil for few minutes.
  • When the water starts boiling, reduce the flame and
    Add roasted rava slowly in the pan.(while mixing rava in the water ensure that the lumps are not getting formed)
  • Cook the khichadi on low flame.
  • It may take 5 to 7 minutes to make the khichadi ready.
  • When your rava khichadi is completely ready add ghee and mix well.
  • Ghee will add an amazing taste and aroma to your rava khichadi.
  • Your rava khichadi is ready to serve now.
  • Serve hot along with coconut chutney and sambhar.


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