Stuffed Paneer Paratha Recipe is an Indian Bread recipe which is made by stuffing the dough with a crumbled Paneer mixture. This is a famous food in Delhi and surrounding

Ulli Theeyal Recipe is a delicious Kerala recipe made out of roasted coconut and small onions (shallots). A couple of days back while I was on my usual social media

Kerala Rice Puttu Recipe is one of the healthiest recipes served in Kerala for Breakfast. Puttu is a combination of rice flour and grated coconut. As I am getting more and

Gobi Aloo Bhujia Recipe is one of the most preferred side dishes for lunch and dinner. This can also be served for breakfast along with poori, paratha, and roti. It’s a

It wasn’t really a planned trip but it turned out to be a beautiful one.. In fact, I have noticed that such unplanned trips are the ones where we get