The Business Blogging Podcast With the Tastes of India – New Launch

business blogging podcast

The Business Blogging Podcast with The Tastes of India will teach you the basics of Business Blogging and help you start a Blogging Business from scratch. What has “business blogging” got to do with a “Recipe Blog”? If that is the first question that comes to your mind, then I am sure you need to … Read more

How to Get Your Food Photographs accepted in FoodGawker – Food Photography Tips

get food photographs accepted in foodgawker

Are you a food blogger trying to build your audience? Then one of the many questions that you might be asking is “How to Get Your Food Photographs accepted in Foodgawker?”. You accept it or, not the fact is that food blogging is about good photographs. And hence it is not a surprise that fancy … Read more

A Server Hack, Downtime and Some Housekeeping – Fixing a Hacked WordPress Site

Fixing a hacked wordpress site

If you have been a regular visitor to our blog here, you would have noticed that we went offline for a few days. And a couple of days before that you would have noticed that the page load speed was strangely high. You might even have come across some weird characters, texts and banners on … Read more