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I Used to Cry for My Shoes….

June 27, 2015

I often come across a lot of people who would tell me their stories of “STRUGGLE” and why this struggle is keeping them away from doing what they want in life. And these stories of struggles cover a wide range of topics from monetary problems and over-weight problems to family problems.

I was no different until about a couple of years back. I had my own stories of struggle. I could easily find a hundred reasons for not doing something until I found out that I was suffering from a disease called as “Excusitis”.

Are you suffering from Excusitis?

I changed myself. Will you be able to change yourself?

Today I wanted to tell you about this strong gentleman, who at the age of 75 doesn’t have a story of Struggle to tell you and hide behind it. Instead he decided to take it head on.

This story is a salute to the Brave Spirit of the “Go Getters” whose attitude is what makes them stand out from the crowd.

The Puppet Seller of 75

I saw this story on Facebook after one of my friends shared it with me. I don’t know the authenticity of the story, but from what I heard I couldn’t but believe it.

This story is about a Puppet seller, who sells puppets at F-Block, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi, India. You would find him there everyday neatly dressed, well ironed full sleeves shirt properly tucked into his ironed trousers and with a black formal leather belt around his waist. He would walk with the help of a walking stick that was more than a support to his steps.

He would wear beautiful puppet gloves on his hands which would produce a peeeeping sound when he presses it, a way of attracting passers-by.


His name is Mr. Sahay, a retired Bank Manager. He would travel daily from Rohtak to New Delhi ( a 2.5 hours travel) in trains, thanks to the railway pass that he had that helped him take care of the travel expenses. He would carry a bag full of Puppets and a bottle of water everyday, a load heavier than he could carry.

Mr. Sahay is the only bread-winner for his family which consists of his wife, his married daughter and her children. His son, a chartered accountant for whose studies, Mr. Sahay had to spend all his savings, moved to Bahrain. It was after some time that the father got to know that he had died in an accident.

Mr. Sahay had a choice of hiding behind his struggles or, doing what little he could to get out of it. He picked the latter even if that meant travelling in over-crowded trains for more than 2 hours carrying a bag load of puppets, more than what he could. He didn’t complain of his struggles.

He is a true inspiration for us, who are stronger than he is to wade through our struggles. We have the ability to do what we always wanted to do and live a life that we always wanted to live. It is only about finding that one reason why you want to do it and this one reason would over-weigh the thousands reasons why you did not want to do it.

Let’s get inspired by this Brave Warrior.

Salutes to this Great Man and his Spirit, who decided not to spend time narrating the story of his struggles, instead do what little he could for his family.

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