There are these interesting conversations around Blogging, that I get into sometimes. Often times, I am asked as to what is it that I do. And when I respond saying,

If you are a regular reader then you would know the reason why we visited Kolkata in the month of March. My father had to go through a valve replacement

I happened to hear this nice little story a little while back and I thought I should share this with you all. The story goes like this. Once there were

This is a Tribute to the 44 Jawans, who laid down their lives in the service of the nation on 14th February 2019. Salutes to our Bravehearts. The last few

“Food affects the mind. For the practice of any kind of Yoga, vegetarianism is absolutely necessary, since it makes the mind more pure and harmonious.” Ramana Maharshi’s words are absolutely

Origin and History of Pickling Pickle is a term derived from the dutch word “pekel” meaning “something piquant” which refers to the pickling brine with a sharp taste or appetizing

It wasn’t really a planned trip but it turned out to be a beautiful one.. In fact, I have noticed that such unplanned trips are the ones where we get

With the deteriorating quality of air and the many allergic infections arising because of that, the use of an Air Purifier for homes has become inevitable. What are you breathing

What good is a used pickle Bottle? The obvious answer is “nothing”. And that’s what our answer too was, until a month back when we decided on decorating our new

Throwing away used tea bags is quite normal for everyone. Once the job of the tea bag is done, we assume that it’s of no use to us and the