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My new Ebook Launched – Soya Bean recipes

January 20, 2010

I have finally launched my new ebook. It’s been quite some time that I had written for the blog and it took me quite a long time to write the ebook. Actually, I had been planning my family and had to spend some time there. That is what delayed the entire thing. Add to it the fact that my hosting server was attacked by hackers and that my hosting company let me off midway without a single backup, the problem just gets worser.

My hosting company was probably a wrong selection. They never had a procedure of scheduling backups or, maintaining the backups on a different server. Hence I had no backup for my blog and I had to scratch the world for whatever little information that I could gather so that I can get my blog up. Finally we have changed our servers and shifted to hostgator, who is a known name in hosting.

I had plans of writing about 3 ebooks in the time duration that I wrote this single ebook. But I am happy that I have finally got a start.

Let me tell you about this first ebook of mine.

This ebook is about Soya Bean recipes and is titled, “A Collection of the best Soya Bean Recipes”.

Soya Bean is said to be the best source of natural protein. Protein is something that is not found in many of our normal food items. Hence Soy is considered to be the blessing to people who need diet that is rich in proteins. Health conscious peolpe who are looking to control fat or, even want to reduce fat, should switch to protein rich diets that can help them in the cause.

This book is available for download to all my subscribers. All that you have to do is just enter you name and email address on the right sidebar and you can get a free download of the ebook.

Remember, this is only for a limited time.

I am in the process of setting up my sales page and order cart. It might take some time. Till that time I am giving away about 150 copies of this ebook absolutely free. Once the sales page is set up, the book will be available for download for $5.00 without resell rights and for $15.00 with Complete Master Resell Rights.

You can download you copy today itself.


A self-proclaimed Champion Cook, who gets the confidence from the love and praises showered upon me by my family consisting of a Cute little Daughter and a husband who loves the Internet more than me (LoL..) and who incidentally happens to be the man behind the technical aspects of this blog. I love working from home and the benefits that come from it and that is why I started this blog where I document all my adventures with cooking. Follow me on my journey..

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