You Will Never Throw Away Used Teabags After Reading This

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Throwing away used tea bags is quite normal for everyone. Once the job of the tea bag is done, we assume that it’s of no use to us and the dustbin is the right place for it to be.

So, if you are also someone who keeps throwing tea bags, we can assure you that after reading this, never in your life, will you throw any of them away.

We are all well aware of the healing properties of tea, but not many of us are mindful of the fact that even used tea bags can be reused in many different ways.

Here, we have listed the amazing benefits of used tea bags that can help you in the day to day life. So, if you have recently bought a box of black tea online, keep that safe to use the used tea bags like never. Read on!

Acne Problem?

Have you ever thought how used tea bags can help you get rid of acne?


Well, to fight acne, keep used tea bags on the affected area(s) and let it rest for a few minutes.

Repeat the process twice a day for eight weeks, and you will be amazed to see the results. Acne is caused by excess sebum production; tea helps lower the production and therefore keeps your skin healthy and glowing. Already in the process of buying black tea online?

Smelly Shoes?

The terrible smell of shoes can make your entire house feel like a pit of garbage.

Well, used tea can help here as well. Place used tea bags in each pair. The tea bags will soak all the fowl and unwanted smell from the shoes which as a result will keep away your house from smelling bad and the shoe rack away from the stink.

Make sure you are not leaving the tea bags inside the shoes for more than two hours. You can even use fresh tea bags for this purpose. However, make sure you are boiling them well before placing each in the shoes.

You can even place used tea bags in your closet to make your clothes smell fresh. So, grab your laptop and buy a box of black tea online to keep your clothes and shoes smelling fresh and healthy.

Suffering from Sunburn?

Traveling to the coastal areas during the summer months can cause major sunburns. The skin turns beet red, and it may take months to cure sunburns. Used tea bags can give instant relief. If you have a bathtub at your place, throw a few bags in the bathtub full of water and let them soak. Remove the bags and immerse yourself in water.

Make sure all the affected areas are exposed and encountering tea water. Do not towel dry the body or wear clothes before the body is completely dry naturally. Do this every day until the sunburn is fully treated. In addition, choose organic black tea for the process. If you can’t find it in your closest retail store, you can easily buy black tea online.

Happy Valley Tea Estate’s online stores is one good site to visit. We are sure you will have an amazing experience while buying Happy Valley Black tea online.

Redness in Your Eyes?

Hectic life schedule can cause redness in and around the eyes. They may feel tired after a long day at work. If this condition has become a daily thing for you, make a habit of keeping one tea bag each on each eye to relieve them from the redness caused by strain.

Soak the used tea bags in a glass of cold water for a few minutes and then keep them on your eyelids for 2 minutes. The redness will be gone, and your eyes will start feeling as fresh as ever. Isn’t it an amazing way to say goodbye to tired eyes?


Other uses of used tea bags include marinating meat, cleaning the floor, remaking the mirror sparkle and cleaning the linoleum as well. So, make sure the next time you are buying black tea online to serve your guests, you are not throwing any of them away after use.

Also, if you are afraid of buying black tea online, trust big names like Happy Valley Tea Estates, who are known for their variety and quality of tea and deliver right on time.






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