Phirni – Creamy Rice Flour Pudding|How to make Punjabi phirni recipe


Phirni is very popular in North India.You would find people making phirni on any kind of special occasion or on festive season. Phirni is almost equivalent to kheer since the ingredients for both the recipes are the same, the only difference is that phirni is made of ground rice. Traditionally this dish is served  in … Read more

Gun powder dosa for kids|How to make Gun Powder dosa

Gun powder dosa

Mini Dosa is one of the easiest recipe for your kids lunch box.It is very easy to make . You can store this dosa batter for at least for one week ,since it doesn’t get spoil easily. Kids lunch box idea is something that every mother is hunting for.It is extremely challenging at times to … Read more

Leftover Rajma Paratha|How to make rajma paratha


I got this recipe from a Punjabi lady during my college day.She would use any kind of leftover dal or beans to make paratha for breakfast the next day. What she would do is knead the dough with the curry and then make paratha’s out of it. Ingredients:- Wheat flour – 2 cups Rajma curry … Read more

Potato Sandwich|How to make potato sandwich

potato sandwich

Potato sandwich is the best lunch-box recipe for the kids. This recipe is idle for breakfast too. It is better to use wheat bread rather then using white bread to make this recipe to make it more healthy. Ingredients for stuffing :- Potato -3 Onion – 2 (medium sized) Green chilli -2 chopped (optional) Ginger … Read more

Leftover roti egg roll|how to make plain chapati egg roll

roti roll

Today after waking up in the morning i was a little worried about what to make for breakfast for my little daughter. She is fond of bread and omelette but then the bread was not available neither any green vegetables. Then i thought of doing something different, so that is where i came up with … Read more

Soyabean Roti Bhurji|How to make Soyabean Roti bhurji recipe

soya roti bhurji

Most of the time we have leftover roti at home, and we don’t feel like having those old chapathis. So rather then wasting it you can simply make roti bhurji out of it. Soyabean roti bhurji is prepared with leftover chapathis, soyabean and lots of vegetables. What would otherwise be consider a waste, now turns … Read more

Simple Soya Chunks Ghee Rice

Simple soya chunks ghee rice

Today I am going to show you a simple soyabean rice recipe which is very easy and simple to make.This uses your normal daily-use rice thus making it a recipe for everyday.Even the other ingredient used in this recipe are easily available. Your kids are sure to love this healthy and nutritious recipe. Ingredients :- … Read more

Semiya Biryani

semiya biryani

Semiya is a very easily available ingredient and the ready availability of vegetables makes semiya biryani an easy to cook  and nutritious recipe whenever you feel like you don’t want to spend to much time in the kitchen. Ingredients :- Vermicelli/Semiya – 250 gm Ghee -1 tbsp Oil – 1 tbsp Mixed vegetables chopped – … Read more