Today afternoon, while working there was just one thing that kept bothering me. It was the leftover boiled chana in the fridge, which I had no clue what to do

Masoor Dal kadi is the popular Chhatisgarhi dish. Masoor dal kadi is a very simple and easy to make recipe as this dal cooks fast in a pressure cooker.It goes

Mumbai Vada Pav Recipe is a popular snack across Mumbai and Maharashtra. While walking through the streets in Mumbai you will find vada pav, also known as Indian burger almost

Lehsuni Toovar Dal is very simple and easy to make recipe. So aside from the fact that it’s delicious when you add it in any of your food item, Research shows

Masala Raita is nothing but just a mixture of tomato and onion but with a slight twist, and this twist is that I have mixed some leftover Dry garlic chutney