10 Minute Recipes – How to make Easy Banana Milkshake Recipe

Banana Milkshake

Who doesn’t like a milk shake? I still remember one of those ads that we saw as kids, which showed a FREE shake bottle along with Nescafe. And we as kids were so impressed and did everything possible to convince our parents to buy it. Being a tea-drinking family, coffee was not a preferred drink … Read more

Weight Loss and 12 Other Benefits With Honey Lemon Water

honey lemon water

Weight Loss and Other Benefits With Honey Lemon Water I had once read an article long back about detoxification. The article was so complicated and difficult to understand, that I felt as if detoxification was some kind of surgery. Even funnier was the fact that the article kept mentioning some kind of secret decoction that … Read more

Tip of the Day – Tulsi Green Tea A Perfect Cup of Health

green tea

Tulsi Green Tea Reviews: I started drinking Green tea called (18 herbs) when I started doing Low Carb diet but then I was little bored of drinking the same kind of flavor everyday. So I was just surfing the internet hoping I would get something different similar to the Green Tea and that is when … Read more

Mint Lemonade|How to make Mint Lemonade at Home

mint lemonade

mint lemonadeMint and Lemon together makes a very refreshing drink, not only does it freshen you up but it cleanses your whole system by detoxifying. Mint Lemonade is one of those drink which is very easy to make and its a perfect drink for summer. It tastes so refreshing and bright. Mint Lemonade is  perfect to serve at parties as well.

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Aam Ka Panna

Ingredients:- Raw Mangoes – 2 Large size Cumin Powder – tsp Peppercorns – 1 tsp crushed Black Salt as per taste Asafoetida – ¼ tsp Sugar – ¼ cup Method:- Wash the mangoes and boil them in the pressure cooker and let them cool down. Now, peel the mangoes and then mash and strain the … Read more

Cold Coffee

Ingredients:- Milk-2  glass Dark roasted instant coffee-1 tablespoon Sugar-3 tablespoons Crushed chocolate-1/2 tbsp Ice-2 cups Method:- Blend the coffee, sugar,ice and milk together till the sugar and coffee are mixed well with milk and  coffee becomes frothy. Serve in tall glasses and sprinkle with dry coffee powder and crushed chocolate. You can also serve the … Read more

Butter milk – Namkeen Lassi

butter milk

Traditionally butter milk/buttermilk was the liquid left behind after churning butter out of cream. But nowadays, because of lack of time thanks to the lifestyle that we live, people follow the below method to make buttermilk because it is easier and faster. It can be drank just like that. Butter milk is very good for … Read more