Things You Never Knew About Green Tea – All About Green Tea

green tea

There are many Interesting facts which most of us probably don’t know about Green Tea. This Infographic by Soveet Gupta, CEO of Udyan Tea is a handy guide to everything you should know about Green Tea.   If you are a tea lover, you should know where it started. Tea was initially found in China, … Read more

Top 10 Best Fruits and Vegetables to Eat on a Keto Diet

fruits and vegetables to eat on keto diet

Keto Diet is usually considered a difficult diet. Let us make it simple for you. This article ” Top 10 Best Fruits and Vegetables to Eat on a Keto Diet” is a guest post by one of our guest authors, Sofia Norton, which will guide you to the best fruits and vegetables to eat, while … Read more

Benefits of Organic Food – Is Organic Food Really Better?

benefits of organic food

This is a guest post by one of our guest authors, John Brooks about the benefits of Organic Food and if it is really better than conventional foods. In this day and age of fast food and sedentary lifestyle, eating healthy food becomes a must. Eating healthy food refers to eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, … Read more

10 Best Foods to Support Your Yoga Practice

food to support yoga practice

“Food affects the mind. For the practice of any kind of Yoga, vegetarianism is absolutely necessary, since it makes the mind more pure and harmonious.” Ramana Maharshi’s words are absolutely relevant and correct in the context of a yogi’s life. While the importance of food is a topic of discussion in each and every walk … Read more

10 Foods to Eat for a Healthier Mind for Both Yogis and Non-Yogis

foods to eat for a healthier mind

If you are Yoga Enthusiast and like eating and staying healthy, then these 10 foods to eat for a healthier mind will be a good guide for eating healthy. This is a Guest Post from one of our Guest Authors. It’s International Yoga day today and the world over will be participating in this unique … Read more

13 Healthy Keto Vegetarian Recipes for People Who think Dieting is Tasteless

13 healthy keto vegetarian Recipe

These 13 healthy Keto vegetarian recipes are for those people who think low carb diet is tasteless. Now you can confidently lose those extra pounds. Keto, again? I somehow seem to have taken to liking to Keto, these days. And this is after me and Dilip, went through this Low-Carb Diet a couple of weeks … Read more

The Yogi Breakfast – Breakfast Tips from a Yogi to Start Your Day with Energy and Enthusiasm

yogi breakfast

It is said that your breakfast defines your day and what better way to plan your breakfast by emulating this Yogi Breakfast. Breakfast – the first meal of the day that practically frames the rest of a yogi’s day. There have been a number of speculations and discussions regarding the ideal way to start a … Read more

Health Benefits of Ghee – India’s Liquid Gold


Your Grandma wasn’t wrong about the health benefits of ghee and in this post, we show you the health benefits of ghee, that she always preached. GHEE has started to receive the appreciation that was long due. “Fat” has been removed from the list of forbidden foods of the health conscious and Ghee has been … Read more

You Will Never Throw Away Used Teabags After Reading This


Throwing away used tea bags is quite normal for everyone. Once the job of the tea bag is done, we assume that it’s of no use to us and the dustbin is the right place for it to be. So, if you are also someone who keeps throwing tea bags, we can assure you that … Read more

6 Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera for Hair, Skin & Weight-Loss

Aloe Vera

It was about 5 years back that my mom started seeing small thorn like eruptions on her hand. Slowly it started spreading and in no time her palm was filled with these. These thorny, black things has a rough touch and hence her hands lost the softness that it had. She was feeling irritated because … Read more