Masoor Dal Fry – Red Lentils Curry Recipe

Masoor dal

Dal is an important part of an Indian Cuisine. Its a great source of protein for the people, those who are vegetarian. Almost all kind of dal have similar amount of protein. So it is recommended that you should have one serving in a meal. The recipe for today is “Masoor dal fry” which is … Read more

Adai Dosa Recipe – Indian Lentil Crepes

Adai Dosa Recipe

For me one of the most difficult part of cooking is the breakfast. Everybody has a different choice and something that is liked by half of my family members is not the favorite of the other half. Add to it the fact that every morning breakfast is a plan made in the hurry-burry that you … Read more

Muringakka Leaves Dal – How to make Drumstick Leaves Curry

muringakka leaves dal

Muringakka Leaves Dal – Off all the things that I like about Kerala, this is what I like the most – the tongue twisters. It is said that Malayalam is one of the most difficult languages in India. There are a few alphabets which are very typical to Malayalam and are absolute tongue twisters. Drum … Read more

Lehsuni Thuvarai – Fresh Pigeon Peas Recipe

Lehsuni Thuvarai

Lehsuni Thuvarai Last weekend my Mother-in Law bought Thuvarai since she saw a lot of people buying it. And she told me to prepare some cuury out of it so that we can have it along with rice. Since I had never seen it, I started searching online for its actual name. My Father had … Read more

Masaledar Lobia Curry|How to make punjabi lobia masala

Masaledar Lobia Curry

Masaledar Lobia Curry Lobia curry is a delicious mouth-watering quick Indian recipe from Punjab. Lobia which is also known as Black eyed beans or cow peas is made in thick gravy of onion, tomato and spices.  This spicy and aromatic curry tastes great if served with plain rice or roti. Ingredients :- Lobia/black eyed beans … Read more

Methi Wala Lobia|How to make methi lobia curry

Methi wala Lobia

Last weekend i tried this recipe and it came out very well.Me and my family liked this recipe very much. This recipe tastes different then any other curry since it does not contain normal masala .The flavor of ground fenugreek seeds, garlic, ginger , redchilli, and cumin seeds gives it an appetizing  smell and it … Read more

Lehsuni Toovar Dal

Lehsuni Toovar Dal

Lehsuni Toovar Dal is very simple and easy to make recipe. So aside from the fact that it’s delicious when you add it in any of your food item, Research shows that garlic is responsible for lipid-lowering, anti-blood coagulation, anti-hypertension, anti-cancer, antioxidant and anti-microbial effects. Garlic, as a non-edible substance is also responsible for repel mosquitoes, … Read more

Methi Dal

methi dal

Methi Dal is a quick healthy recipe and is extremely good for people with heart ailments along with diabetes as methi helps to control blood sugar levels. It goes well with plain rice or roti. Ingredients :- Toovar dal – ¼ cup Moong dal – 2 tablespoons Sabut Masoor – 3 tablespoons Water – as … Read more