Top 5 Best Rated Air Purifier for Homes

Air Purifier

With the deteriorating quality of air and the many allergic infections arising because of that, the use of an Air Purifier for homes has become inevitable. When choosing an air purifier, you first need to study your indoor air quality requirements. For example, if you suffer from an allergy, you should invest in a device … Read more

Atta Maker: The Dream of Every Working Woman

atta maker

Being a working woman in India can be quite hectic at times. For a married working woman, the situation becomes incredibly tough. You constantly juggle between your professional and personal responsibilities that leave you no time to take a peaceful breath. From early morning to midnight, your life becomes a heavy routine stuffed with different … Read more

Restaurant Review # 4 : The Mughal Kitchen Review, Restaurant in Kaggadasapura, Bangalore

The Mughal Kitchen

  We were preparing for our vacation to Kolkata. There were a ton of things that we had to purchase and some of it was from the local stores near our house. After a tiring 3 hours of roaming around, when hunger pangs hit we happened to walk into this restaurant – “The Mughal Kitchen”. … Read more

“Dessert Safari”- Top Delhi Restaurants That Serve the Best Desserts

best dessert restaurants

Who doesn’t love a generous portion of a crunchy pie or a bowl with scoops of divine ice cream sundae? Be it the young or the old; the sweet tooth fairy spares none with her charm. If you are a true ‘dessetarian’ and wish to experience sugar extravaganza, you must visit the following restaurants in … Read more

Trending at Pavilion – A Saturday Afternoon for The New Menu Launch at ITC Gardenia

bloggers meet

Trending at Pavilion was the Buzz word at all ITC hotels in India, this last Saturday!! What better way to enjoy a beautiful Saturday afternoon, than tasting some good food? Saturdays are my outing day because it is easier for me to manage everything. After a tiring outing, I can get some nice rest on … Read more

The Best Indian Restaurants in Las Vegas

las vegas

Las Vegas isn’t only known for its casinos; it’s also a haven for foodies as a myriad of cuisines can be found in the city’s restaurants. It is also home to a variety of eateries that specialize in preparing rustic Indian dishes. If you’re craving some authentic Indian food, then the below guide on ” … Read more

Tip of the Day – Tulsi Green Tea A Perfect Cup of Health

green tea

Tulsi Green Tea Reviews: I started drinking Green tea called (18 herbs) when I started doing Low Carb diet but then I was little bored of drinking the same kind of flavor everyday. So I was just surfing the internet hoping I would get something different similar to the Green Tea and that is when … Read more