Chocolate Rice Kheer Recipe – How to Make Chocolate Rice Pudding

chocolate rice kheer

Chocolate Rice Kheer Recipe is an easy to make dessert recipe for all chocolate lovers. This recipe is perfect for any festival. It’s December and in a few days, it would be time for you to get a new planner for the New Year. Another year is about to go down into history. It is … Read more

The Easiest Coconut Macaroons Anyone Can Make!

Coconut Macaroons

This tasty Coconut Macaroons recipe has been submitted by one of our lovely reader and blogger who is also the founder of SumoChef. Get in touch with us if you too wish to guest post here. I’ve been testing a lot of desserts, ranging from cakes to brownies. But I soon got a bit tired … Read more

Chakka Varatti Recipe – How to Make Jackfruit Jam

Chakka Varatti Recipe

Chakka Varatti Recipe is a sweet recipe made out of ripe Jackfruit and is also called as Jackfruit Jam. It feels really good when you take a break at least once every year. I think it’s much needed for everyone. You don’t just enjoy the break, infact you tend to become more productive after you … Read more

Instant Whipped Cream and Berries Recipe

instant whipped cream berries recipe

Instant whipped cream and berries recipe is an instant low carb diet recipe that also substitutes as a dessert. I was always against dieting and I am sure you could imagine the reason behind this. I was a complete foodie who liked trying different foods. But being a foodie did not mean that I would … Read more

Banana Ice Cream – Step by Step Video

Banana Ice Cream

Banana Ice Cream recipe is a quick and easy to make recipe that is full of energy, thanks to the inclusion of a lot of bananas in it. One more week to freedom!! It’s only in times like this that we realize the importance of the precious gift that god has given us – our … Read more

Oats and Fruits Parfait Recipe

Oats and Fruits Parfait

Oats and Fruits Parfait Recipe is a simple overnight breakfast recipe that is healthy and has all the goodness of oats, yoghurt and fruits. Do you all know that the old saying “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”, stands true today as well? Believe it or not, … Read more

Make People Fall for You with this Delicious Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Red Velvet Cake

The Red Velvet Cake Recipe was submitted by a guest author. If you have a recipe that you will like to see on our blog here, then you can read the guest posting guidelines and reach out to us for more details. Image Courtesy – Wikimedia A Red Velvet Cake never fails to entice us. … Read more

Bourbon Biscuits Choco Shots Recipe – Step by Step Video

Bourbon Biscuits Choco Shots Recipe

Bourbon Biscuits Choco Shots recipe is a simple 5 minutes recipe that uses only 3 ingredients and tastes heavenly. It is a nice sweet drink that can be served after a filling meal. Today while shooting for a video my hubby said, “Why don’t we record one more video recipe today?” I was like, what???????? … Read more

Oats and Chocos Instant Energy Bites Recipe

Oats Energy Bites

Oats and Chocos Instant Energy Bites Recipe is a simple to make instant bite if you are looking for some energy, especially after a workout. I have always been a fan of fitness. Whenever I could find time, I would spend about 30 minutes doing Yoga or, just dancing in my room. So when it … Read more