10 Foods to Eat for a Healthier Mind for Both Yogis and Non-Yogis

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Written by Puja

If you are Yoga Enthusiast and like eating and staying healthy, then these 10 foods to eat for a healthier mind will be a good guide for eating healthy.

foods to eat for a healthier mind

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It’s International Yoga day today and the world over will be participating in this unique movement to stay healthy.

While Yoga is a good way to stay healthy both physically and mentally, it can work wonders if you accompany it with a healthy eating habit. And in this post today we are going to talk about it a little detail.

This post will show you the 10 foods that yogis and non-yogis can consume for a healthier state of both the mind and the body.

10 Foods to Eat for a Healthier Mind

In every culture, food plays a long physical and spiritual role, and with that, the rules have been written down. Hinduism forbids eating beef; the Judaism forbids eating pork. In the midst of the myriad choices, we often seek answers to what to eat and what not to.

The voice of our intuitive selves is deeply attuned to the requirements of our body, mind, and soul. Our deepest truth reminds us to slow down, to listen to the body, and to rectify the signals our body is constantly giving out to which foods are best to eat.

Food is a vital source of energy for the overall well-being of the entire human system and directly influences the physical, mental, and spiritual state.

Everything we consume either adds to the vitality, spirit, energy or takes away from it. Also, the food we eat is directly linked to our emotions and mood affecting how we feel and behave.

Therefore, the ancient sciences of life, Yoga and Ayurveda promote the consumption of Sattvic food to keep the body nourished and mind clear.

Nurturing of the body tissues forms the basic foundation of keeping the mental and spiritual health in optimal condition.

And, the intake of healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains extends a detoxifying and holistic touch to the body-mind. Beyond the physical and psychical needs, the traditional teachings suggest savoring the value and philosophy of Ahimsa, the yogic precept of non-violence and killing, as an influence on the dietary choices– vegetarian choices.

Whether you are an avid yogi, have just begun to embrace the science of yoga or wish to attain a healthier mind with the creative juices flowing, here is a list of 10 best foods for the yogis and non-yogis to consume without any bias:

  1. Nuts: Nuts, including almonds, are excellent snacks to keep the heart and brain healthy. A handful of almonds every day is a great source to fuel the body with magnesium, protein, fiber, minerals, antioxidants, and riboflavin. The non-yogis can experiment with roasted almonds for a crunchy-salty taste or can top their salads and desserts with it.
  2. Apples: The intake of fresh ripe fruits like apples, pears, etc., prevent strokes, bad cholesterol levels, and slow down the aging process. The high fiber and quercetin content are effective against radicals, ursolic, and obesity incidences. Satiate your sweet tooth by adding apples to the smoothies.
  3. Avocados: Powerhouse of essential vitamins A, C, E, and B6–avocados protect our bodies from the risk of developing prostate, breast cancer, and brain from developing clots. Avocados are packed with good monounsaturated fat that keeps bad cholesterol levels under check. They can be used as a substitute for butter for healthier breakfast and can be added to salads, soups, etc.
  4. Beets: We are in awe of the bright red color and properties of beets. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, beetroot strengthens the immune system, prevents inflammation, boosts blood flow to the brain, and ensures the body produces collagen for healthy nails and hair. Juice it with apple and carrot and your mid-day snack is ready. Non-yogis can add salt and pepper for an appetizing taste.
  5. Quinoa: A complete protein and wheat-free alternative to starchy grains. It contains all nine essential amino acids for nourishing the overall body and mind. Non-yogis can give a delectable twist to the plain quinoa by preparing spicy quinoa pancakes, yummy quinoa chickpea burgers and can even add to the desserts.
  6. Spinach: The good memories of spinach are quite associated with Popeye, the famous Sailor cartoon character. Spinach is a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc., that helps in maintaining good eyesight. Yogis can consume spinach in the form of salads or juices whereas the non-yogis can ingest it in the form of crispy vegetables and other delicacies.
  7. Blueberries: Blueberries are low-calorie snacks packed with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and phytochemicals that control the stress levels, degeneration of mind, and keep the body functions at its peachiest state. Add these to your salads, smoothies, or make delicious oats for super breakfast.
  8. Broccoli: Add cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower etc., to your diet plan. These vegetables contain folic acid and vitamins acting as efficient weapons to fight against cancerous cells, memory loss, and diabetes. Opt for creamy broccoli soup, raw broccoli salads or Asian cuisines that often use broccoli as their main ingredient and may even turn you into a broccoli lover.
  9. Walnuts: Very popular and flourishing in temperate climates, walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acid useful in boosting mood, fighting cancer, and reducing cholesterol levels. Walnuts are a decadent presence in cakes and other desserts.
  10. Lemons: A very good source of Vitamin C, lemons are personal favorites of many for preventing cold, and keeping the bones, muscles, joints, etc. healthy. Beginning the mornings with a glass of water with lime juice improves overall health. Lemon tea, juices are also healthy options.

Add these foods to your diet and begin the expedition of healthy eating for the mind, body, and soul.

About the Author

Bipin Baloni is a Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He provides Yoga Teacher Training in India. He loves writing and reading the books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas. You can read more about him at his website at https://www.rishikulyogshala.org/

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