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Food affects the mind. For the practice of any kind of Yoga, vegetarianism is absolutely necessary, since it makes the mind more pure and harmonious.

Foods to Support Your Yoga Practice

Ramana Maharshi’s words are absolutely relevant and correct in the context of a yogi’s life. While the importance of food is a topic of discussion in each and every walk of life, it becomes the most important thing in the life of a Yogi.

Whether you are attending regular Yoga classes or Power Yoga sessions and irrespective of the kind of Yoga you prefer, be it warm yin yoga, conventional yoga or, power yoga, health-giving foods are incredibly important to fulfil the body demand for energy and fire.

I had read about a lot of natural food and medicinal plants like Kratom, Grapes, Kale etc. that are recommended after a yoga session. While some of these like Kratom serves as pain relievers and muscle soothers, the others provide mineral, nutrients and essential Vitamins to build you.

Some of them are easily available whereas others like Kratom aren’t and you need to have the knowledge of finding the right one to buy to ensure you get the benefits.

In this post, we will put together a list of easily available and beneficial foods that support your body while you practice Yoga.

This blog post describes ten foods that are rich in energy and health to help you improve your Yoga practice.


There is no doubt in the fact that fruits are the finest companion of a yogic mind. Apple is probably the best food to have before a Yoga session. This fruit contains fiber and water in a sufficient amount to provide much-needed energy by the body during Yoga practice.

Yoga Practice

Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is a traditional Yoga food. Many Yoga practitioners in the West use Greek Yogurt to enjoy Yoga training in full swing. Concentrated Yogurt contains Vitamin B12, which is good for blood health. Amino Acid present in Greek Yogurt keeps the muscles stretched out. It also carries carbohydrate and protein.

Yoga Practice


The energy-boosting ability of Almonds is awesome. It can be taken as snacks in the evening and is equally good in the morning since it keeps you going all day long. Almonds have anti-inflammatory properties and are a fine immunity booster. It helps in the regulation of blood circulation and promotes bone health. Almond milk is a great energy drink before or after Yoga practice.

food for yoga


Talking about the concentration of water, there is no better fruit than berries and grapes. It is helpful in maintaining the health of human blood by offering the required amount of water. Grapes are rich in fiber and are antioxidant in nature.

Yoga Practice

Lemon & Water

One of the best pieces of health advice one can give you is to begin your day with a glass of water. After all, the importance of water in the body is unparalleled. Adding lemon to that glass of water is a great way to alkalize your body, keeping the muscles and joints healthy. Lemon-water also helps in boosting digestive function.

Yoga Practice


To keep your muscles healthy and well-flourished, Pineapple is an awesome fruit. Some advanced asanas put enough pressure on the muscles, resulting in soreness. Pineapple relieves pain in the body and is a source of Vitamin C and Manganese. It helps you with muscle-building.

Yoga Practice


Furnish your body with Calcium and iron with Kale. The leafy plant is also rich in Vitamin K. There are a number of benefits of taking this as food including strong spine and better digestion. Try this as a part of the salad, in the mix of various fruits, onions and fried garlic.

Yoga Practice

Protein Shakes

Protein Shake – as the name suggests, is the most amazing friend of a Yoga practitioner. Yoga requires you to have strength in the body and protein is a major power-providing ingredient. At least 20 to 25 minutes before going to Yoga classes, make sure you have a glass of protein shake. This will help in building muscles and new cells instantly.

Yoga Practice


Milk is a great energy drink. The white liquid contains a number of healthy ingredients such as calcium that promotes bone strength, proteins that give energy to the body, Iodine that protects the thyroid gland, and Phosphorous that helps in one’s proper growth. Vitamin B2 and B12 are also present in Milk.

Yoga Practice


One of the finest fiber-sponsoring foods, Porridge is a popular breakfast. Having porridge is considered good for lowering the level of cholesterol in the body. It can be prepared with any type of grains boiled in water or milk. You can add sugar, honey, or fruit as per your personal choice to make it good for taste.

Yoga Practice

Although there are numerous things we should eat while we enjoy Yoga, one must not eat a number of foods when he/she follows a strict Yoga routine. Alcoholic drinks are harmful to health and may offer a negative impact on the body. Try to stay away from acidic food and fast food. Fat-containing foods have numerous drawbacks to body fitness. Yoga doesn’t sponsor non-vegetarianism of any sort.

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