Our Last Goodbye Was Never Said!

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Written by Puja

If you are a regular reader then you would know the reason why we visited Kolkata in the month of March.

My father had to go through a valve replacement procedure called “TAVI”. Before that in the month of February we had booked a ticket for him and for my mother from Kolkata to Bangalore.

We wanted to bring them here in Bangalore to our new house. We had just finished all of the pending work at home and got the house painted, done the interiors etc., to welcome them.

But then we had to cancel the ticket, because his condition deteriorated towards the mid of February and the doctors suggested to go for an immediate procedure and to avoid any travels.

So he got admitted to the hospital. And we booked our tickets to Kolkata.

We landed at the hospital and went straight to the hospital to see him before he went in for the procedure.

It was just after he got discharged, that the PM announced a nationwide Lockdown due to Corona and we all were stuck in Kolkata.

We stayed there in Kolkata for almost 6 months with everybody there along with my father. Though we were not able to go out or, roam around this time with everybody but still we enjoyed a lot.

Anyways, after we spent 6 months there in Kolkata, it was time to comeback.

It was very difficult leaving him behind there.

I remember, he telling me one day. “Beta, It would be difficult for me this time to say bye, since you stayed here for so long”.

I also had the same feeling inside of me.

Never knew that the time we were spending together with him would never come back again in life.

Otherwise, we would have never set aside some of our wishes and his wishes for tomorrow. We would at least have tried to fulfill some of his wishes.

Or we would have stayed there for some more time.

I have heard people saying whatever happens, happens for the best!

Is it just a way to console your heart for not being tensed or worried?

Still wondering and trying to find out, what was best in it for us.

In fact, what was best in it for my Mother, who lost her life partner.

On 15th October, I lost my father.

I know!!!

I know, those who take birth, has to go one day. Death is inevitable.

But never thought it will happen so soon.

There is this thought, that always comes into my mind.

That I wish he would have been alive and would have seen some more of the better days at least after all of the struggle that he has been through all his life.

Because, good times had just started for him.

My father was a simple man. He never had big dreams. Just some small dreams.

I wish his small dreams would have been fulfilled.

I wish, he would have stayed with us for some more time.

Haah!!! after all, it isn’t possible that all our wishes come true. Isn’t it?

Probably, life is about these unfulfilled wishes and some Goodbyes.

Goodbyes that never happened!

My last Goodbye to my dad was also never said.

Today with my heavy heart, I am writing this poem, related to my Father

No, I am not a poet, but my heavy heart made me write this poem,

Since you all are my extended family, thought of sharing this poem with you all.

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