Gur Ka Pua – Sweet Fried Fritters


At times it sounds so funny when you and somebody from the other side of your country are discussing about food and both of you start talking about one of those favorites of yours, only to find out after about 15 minutes of discussion that the two are the same except that they are called … Read more

10 Best Sweets and Snacks Diwali Recipes 2015

Happy Diwali

Before I say anything today…………….. First of all Warm Wishes to all My Wonderful Readers, A VERY HAPPY DIWALI!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 May Goddess Lakshmi And Lord Ganesha bless you With happiness Progress and prosperity On Diwali and In the year ahead ! Dear Readers, this post is not about a new recipe, but a … Read more

Besan Ke Laddoo

Besan Ke Laddoo

Besan ke Laddoo is a delicious traditional Indian Sweet Recipe made with gram flour,sugar, cardamon and ghee. Besan (Gram flour) ka laddoo – my husband’s favorite laddoo. Strangely my husband is not a fan of sweets. He would safely ignore any sweet and prefer picking up a salty snack instead. But there are some (very … Read more

Orange and Khoya Barfi

Orange and Khoya Barfi

Orange and Khoya Barfi – No to sweets never….. I can never say no to any sweets. Sweets are my weakness. Though I can’t have too much of it at a time but Sweets are something I always look for, when I finish my breakfast, lunch or dinner. So even if there is no occasion … Read more

Phirni – Creamy Rice Flour Pudding|How to make Punjabi phirni recipe


Phirni is very popular in North India.You would find people making phirni on any kind of special occasion or on festive season. Phirni is almost equivalent to kheer since the ingredients for both the recipes are the same, the only difference is that phirni is made of ground rice. Traditionally this dish is served  in … Read more


Ingredients:- Besan-1 cup Water-1/2 cup Spinach-1/2 bunch (fresh chopped) Potatoes-2 finely chopped Onion-1 finely chopped Anardana-2 tsp Coriander powder-2 tsp Baking Soda-1/4 tsp Red chilli powder-1/4 tsp Salt to taste Oil to fry Method:- Mix all of the above ingredients (make sure there are no lumps). Heat oil in a pan. Take small picks of … Read more

Papdi Chaat

Papri Chaat is a mouth watering North Indian fast food.It can be found easily on the roadside food carts all over India.It is very delicious to eat and is considered as a great alternative to a meal by many.Ingredients:- For the papdi chaat Flat crisp papdis- 20 (crisp fried dough wafers) Curd/yoghurt-  250 gms (chilled) … Read more

Ram Ladoo

ram ladoo

I can never forget those breezy winters in Delhi. Me and my sister-in laws used to walk through the road in Dwarka, craving for Ram Ladoo and Aloo chat. Though I am fond of all kind of chaat items but these two were my favorite. Hot ram-ladoo topped up with green chutney and grated radish(mooli), … Read more

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