My Kids Lunchbox Recipes Book Launch Announcement and a Nice Story

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Written by Puja

kids lunchbox recipes

I happened to hear this nice little story a little while back and I thought I should share this with you all.

The story goes like this.

Once there were 2 neighbors. One was a teacher and the other one was an insurance agent which was also a technology freak. Both of them had a nice garden in front of their house with a lot of plants.

The insurance agent took a lot of care of his garden. He used technology to provide everything and more than the plants needed. He protected them from harsh sunlight, gave more than enough water and took good care of his plants.

The teacher, on the other hand, was a little too casual. He would water his plants only occasionally and wouldn’t do a lot in terms of pampering his plants.

Hence, the insurance agent’s garden was green and much more beautiful than that of the teacher. The teacher’s garden too was good but not as good as that of the insurance agent.

Then one night, there came a storm and heavy rains.

The next morning, after the storm had passed both the insurance agent and the teacher walked out into the garden to assess the damage that the storm had caused.

Almost all of the plants in the insurance agent’s garden were completely destroyed. They had come off the roots and were damaged.

He looked at the teacher’s garden and found that there wasn’t as much damage there. His plants were all firmly rooted to the grounds and none had come off.

He was surprised.

He walked over to the teacher and said to him, “We both grew the same plants together. I cared for them much more than you did and even watered them more than you. I did everything to protect and nurture them. Yet my plants were uprooted easily by the storm and yours are still standing firm on the ground. How’s that possible?

The teacher smiled and replied, “You gave your plants much more attention than was required. You water them enough and gave them a lot of attention. But because of that, they didn’t have to work. They were getting everything they required without really putting in any effort. But I watered my plants only as much was required and didn’t give as much attention as you did. Hence they had to search for whatever they needed. The roots went deeper into the ground in search of what the plants needed and hence became firm. So firm that they could withstand the storm. That is why my plants survived”.

After I finished the story, I realized the mistake we are all doing by making it easy for our kids.

In fact, we parents try to make life as simple and easy as possible for our kids. We pamper them but in doing that we are making the biggest mistake of both our and their lives.

I read so many instances of kids going into depression because of failures in life and some even committing suicide.

If you spend a little time to analyze the reasons, you will realize that it is we who are responsible for it.

Let us not set our kids up for failure.

Let us teach them the importance of what they get and let them earn things for themselves.

Let us help them walk and not make them walk.

My Kids Lunchbox Recipes Book for January 2020

A lot of you have written to me about writing a book on “Kids Recipe” and I too have been contemplating about it. Finally, I decided to take the plunge and I am planning on releasing my book on “Kids Lunchbox Recipes”, towards the end of January.

As a mom, I understand the difficulties most moms face when packing lunch boxes for their kids.

And that is where this recipe book is going to help.

The recipes will purely be lunch box recipes for kids and you will have an exhaustive list with enough recipes that you would not have to worry again about packing your kid’s lunch box.

If you are on my list, then this “Kids Lunchbox recipes” book will be made available for you at a discounted rate (50% discount). But, if you are not, then join me today.

This week’s, there is no recipe because I thought of taking a break.. Yey!

Do let me know your thoughts and any suggestions you would have for my book.

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