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33 Amazing Tulsi Benefits For Skin, Hair And Health

August 26, 2015


Tulsi is the most sacred herb of India and this sacred plant is found in almost every Indian household. People in India worship and care for the plant daily. The leaves of tulsi are cosidered as a herbal remedy for a lot of common ailments.

Tulsi is considered as the destroyer of all the doshas in Ayurveda and is also known as “queen of herbs”.

The fragrance of the leaves itself gives a freshness. I still remember by grandfather eating a few leaves everyday in the morning along with a glass of water. He used to tell me that it keeps him healthy and also keep all diseases away.
Tulsi leaves are used a lot in garlanding the idols of dieties in Kerala. There is a nice feel that you get when you see the idols garlanded in tulsi malas.

Tulsi beads are also used a lot in malas (necklaces) that are worn during fasting.

I came across this nice article which had a mention of numerous other tulsi benefits and felt that it will be better that I let the article speak about all of those in detail.

So here are some of the tulsi benefits for you –

Health Benefits of Tulsi:

Not only from a religious point of view, but from a medicinal perspective too, Tulsi has endless value. In Ayurveda, it is considered as the destroyer of all the doshas. The tulsi benefits are many and people also chew raw leaves regularly to reap these benefits. Tulsi leaves also re-energize and rejuvenate the body of a person. It keeps one fresh mentally and stimulates the thought process. The holy basil is a homemade remedy for a lot of common ailments.

Listed below are some of the uses of plant.

1. Fever and Common Cold:

The tulsi medicinal uses begins with the ability of the leaves to cure many kinds of fever.

  • Tender Tulsi leaves boiled in water act as a preventive against malaria and dengue fever.
  • In case of acute fever, a decoction of the leaves boiled with cardamom powder in half a litre of water mixed with sugar and milk brings down the temperature.

Tulsi is also a good germicidal agent and a disinfectant that protects the human body from all types of viral infections.

2. Cough and Respiratory Problems:

Chewing Tulsi leaves also cures cough and flu. It helps to mobilize mucous in bronchitis and asthma attacks. A decoction of leaves with honey and ginger is an effective remedy against bronchitis, asthma, influenza and cold. A decoction of leaves, cloves and common salt also relieves influenza.

Water boiled with basil leaves can be taken as a drink in case of sore throat. You can also gargle with this water to soothe sore throat. Tulsi is an important ingredient in the preparation of cough syrups and expectorant.

3. Kidney Stones:

One of the tulsi plant uses is that its leaves have a strengthening effect on the kidneys. In case of renal stones, the consumption of juice of basil leaves mixed with honey helps remove these stones through the urinary tract. Tulsi being a detoxifying agent can help to reduce uric acid level which is the main reason behind kidney stones.

4. Heart Disorder:

Basil is very beneficial in combating cardiac disease and the weakness resulting from it. It reduces blood cholesterol levels. Tulsi also contains Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants such as Eugenol which protects the heart from harmful effects of free radicals. Tulsi can also reduce blood pressure and thus is useful for heart patients.

5. Children’s Ailments:

  • Common paediatric problems like cough, cold diarrhea and vomiting respond favourably to tulsi juice.
  • Basil leaves taken with honey keeps chicken pox at bay.
  • If a baby is given tulsi juice regularly before teething, it helps grow teeth easily without any of the usual teething troubles. Massaging the gums with a mixture of tulsi leaves and honey will also help.
  • Giving children a mixture of tulsi juice and honey helps bring relief to cough and sore throat too.Warm tulsi juice gets rid of the worms in the stomach.
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